What do you think of this comment being made? correct? incorrect? Why?

  1. pand4 profile image59
    pand4posted 5 years ago

    What do you think of this comment being made? correct? incorrect? Why?

    this country is in so much debt, is because Bush put us into 2 wars. Obama can magically make the 2 wars disappear, so the debt keeps rising because 2 wars. so stop sayingthat hes raised the deficit by 3 times. And for the economy, its a misconception that the President has a large impact on the economy, he doesn't. There isn't a whole lot he can do. Yes, he put in plans to spend more, but most economists say that in order for the economy to increase, the government needs to spend more money creating new jobs, buying, and everything else. So it does take longer than 4 years.

  2. Michael Tully profile image62
    Michael Tullyposted 5 years ago

    I disagree with the idea that we are in so much debt because Bush put us into two wars. Certainly, the wars have increased the debt, but so have the economic stimulus and bailout programs of the last four years, as well as the ever-increasing spending on entitlement programs and the interest on the national debt itself.

    The problem with the debt is a systemic problem which can't be blamed simply upon specific programs, wars, or natural catastrophes. The problem lies in the mindset of a society which has come to believe that Big Government can and should be the solution to all our problems. Unless we, the people, recover a sense of ownership, responsibility, and accountability for our own problems, we will never overcome the debt problem.