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Does anyone know what this means?

  1. sannyasinman profile image60
    sannyasinmanposted 8 years ago

    I came across this the other day, and it bowled me over. Can anyone explain what they are doing and why?


    1. motricio profile image71
      motricioposted 8 years agoin reply to this

      mmm Dude I don't think it is a Rock thing!
      If I tell you for sure I'll need to kill you

    2. Mikel G Roberts profile image78
      Mikel G Robertsposted 8 years agoin reply to this

      The pinky, thumb and index finger extended is a sign language symbol meaning I Love You, with the thumb closed in I'm not sure, that may be it's opposite or just a I don't love you...?
      The thumb and pinky finger only means 'hang loose' on the islands of Hawaii.

  2. profile image0
    sneakorocksolidposted 8 years ago

    They all have hand spasms?

  3. kmackey32 profile image69
    kmackey32posted 8 years ago

    It means all them people are saying Rock on. lol

  4. mel22 profile image57
    mel22posted 8 years ago

    google :Baphomet

    I'm sure all these people are not U of Texas fans ( Hook 'Em )

    They're alma mater is University of Freemasonry / Fraternity is Skull and Bones!

    Rock on!

  5. heartattack4444 profile image61
    heartattack4444posted 8 years ago

    It just looks like a popular sign to me.  The people who are using it look like they're messing around, trying to be "cool" and therefore funny tongue

  6. mel22 profile image57
    mel22posted 8 years ago

    That means in that one picture , the French Priemire is telling Vladdy Putin that he secretly loves him.  He better watch it before Putin does some SAMBO on him !

  7. wyanjen profile image82
    wyanjenposted 8 years ago

    I saw an interview about this with Ronnie James Dio.
    He learned the gesture from his grandmother. It's doesn't mean "devil". He said it is done to ward off the evil eye.
    Rock on lol

    1. Mikel G Roberts profile image78
      Mikel G Robertsposted 8 years agoin reply to this

      Now that you mention that, I use to live in Italy on the island of Sardegna, they would use both hands and do the Index and Pinky fingers in a downward motion to ward off evil, or as you said the evil eye.

  8. mel22 profile image57
    mel22posted 8 years ago

    So the French premiere and Vladdy are Dio fans then .. HMMMM. interesting ! Yeah Dio was the first to use on stage I heard!

  9. AEvans profile image79
    AEvansposted 8 years ago

    Looks like Satan's horns to me or gang member hand signs I don't believe it is Rock On signs, interesting though I do have to say.smile

  10. aware profile image68
    awareposted 8 years ago

    it means nothing their shooting the bird

  11. jessicab profile image60
    jessicabposted 8 years ago

    They love rock and to rock on its what the signal is portraying.

  12. Colebabie profile image58
    Colebabieposted 8 years ago

    The Fists of Rock!!!
    Or they are trying to say "I Love you" in sign language and they're missing the thumb.

    Either way. Its a nice gesture smile

  13. mel22 profile image57
    mel22posted 8 years ago

    Nm, that guys a Jordanian i think ,not French...so now Jordanians are Dio fans! LOL

  14. mel22 profile image57
    mel22posted 8 years ago

    http://www.planetsmilies.com/smilies/party/party0031.gif                          http://www.planetsmilies.com/smilies/party/party0007.gif

    Vladdy digs DIO , Baby !