Why do people care so much about how other people look?

  1. okaywhatever profile image61
    okaywhateverposted 3 years ago

    Why do people care so much about how other people look?

    Why care about how someone chooses to dress or how they wear their hair? If it is not you then why would it matter?

  2. dashingscorpio profile image86
    dashingscorpioposted 3 years ago

    Women tend to be more fascinated with fashion, style, hair, and appearance than men. People Magazine from time to time will post a photo of two female celebrities wearing a similar outfit with the caption: "Who wore it best?" (They don't do it for men).
    I've seen other women who get a kick out of finding photos of celebrity women who have cellulite, stretch marks, or some other "imperfection". It's almost as if there is some "psychological competition" they have going on against other women. Do we really need 2 hours of "red carpet" before every awards show on television? The following day they recap best gowns, hair, and shoes...etc
    The knee jerk reaction is to blame the media and magazine publishers. However they are in business to make a profit. If the ratings weren't up or the profits weren't there they wouldn't do it.
    They know (their) customers!
    Having said that everyone has an opinion or personal taste regarding what they find attractive or ugly. Whether someone vocalizes their thoughts or not the moment their eye catches something they like it or they don't.  In most instances they don't care.
    On the other hand if I dyed my hair blazing red and had a tattoo that covered my whole face it would be unrealistic of me to expect people not to take a second look at me! That's the price one pays for being a "non-conformist". One has to have a tough skin if they want to stand out or be on center stage. Everyone is a critic from time to time.