Why do you think we all worry so much about what others think of us?

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  1. Sarah Masson profile image59
    Sarah Massonposted 13 years ago

    Why do you think we all worry so much about what others think of us?

  2. n.pady profile image56
    n.padyposted 13 years ago

    hey sarah,
    we are brought up in a society, wherein society takes a bigger step than any individual. we are taught to fear society and always behave in a way by which society will accept you.
    no one ever thought "who is this society". when people start looking at it that we are the base for the society, then, maybe views will change and we can be ourselves.

  3. Pauladance.co.uk profile image59
    Pauladance.co.ukposted 13 years ago

    I think we just all like to be liked  -  and this depends upon how other people see us.  And wanting to be liked is a basic instinct, probably comes from stone-age-us seeking food, and perhaps if the food-man didn't like you, you didn't get any food!  So after some billion or so years it comes naturally to want to be liked.  Originally it was probably 'No like  -  no Din!'

  4. nickshamrock profile image61
    nickshamrockposted 13 years ago

    Nobody wants to feel like they have flaws, and you really can't judge yourself. So people judge themselves based on what other people judge them as... if that makes sense.

  5. Ruchira profile image74
    Ruchiraposted 13 years ago

    Actually, the real problem that we worry about what others think about us is OURSELF.

    I am a big problem, my ego and my status wants to stay unchanged so, we worry about what others think about our self. IF we become unperturbed as an individual and do not care of what others think about us...then we will not have to worry about what others think about us!!

  6. shogan profile image77
    shoganposted 13 years ago

    Why do you ask that?  Seriously, have you heard something about me?

  7. Retsuzen Shikata profile image60
    Retsuzen Shikataposted 13 years ago

    Its bred into people from the toddler age when people begin watching TV.

  8. Thesource profile image68
    Thesourceposted 13 years ago

    What I feel and think about myself is more important that what others think of me. Others may come and go, but you will always be with yourself.

    Occasionally I do listen to others to see if they make any sense. . If there is some truth in what they say, then I may accept their point of view and this could involve a change in me. Otherwise I ignore them.

    Too many people worry about what others think, because they don't want to think things out by themselves.

  9. Genna East profile image85
    Genna Eastposted 13 years ago

    Unfortunately, because society teaches many of us to be judgmental of ourselves and others.  We want to "belong" and not be ostracized; therefore what others think, matters – in our work, personal relationships, etc.   Personally, I could say I don’t care what others think, but I think to a certain level, invariably, we all do.

  10. joshhunt83 profile image61
    joshhunt83posted 13 years ago

    I believe it's primal instinct. We all want to be accepted within our social groups. Although you could argue that we've maybe evolved beyond that and the mass media has given us an unrealistic impression of what we're all supposed to be. Heroes, models and millionaires living in mansions.

  11. Wesman Todd Shaw profile image82
    Wesman Todd Shawposted 13 years ago

    It's human nature to do so, and it's a result of insecurity.  Now, everyone does it, but it's only really a problem when it is non stop, or too intense a feeling.

    I've found in my own life that when I am driven, and sure; I could not care any less what anyone in this world thinks about me.  Luckily, I'm also pretty harmless :=p

  12. profile image0
    David99999posted 13 years ago

    Personally, there are very few people whose opinion I care about. I think that people who are under 30 years of age worry the most, regarding what others think of them.  Those who are over 30 - who worry what total strangers think of them - have low self-esteem.  Regarding our friends and family - we want them to think well of us, because, they are our loved-ones.

  13. MazioCreate profile image67
    MazioCreateposted 13 years ago

    Yes we all worry, but it is the degree to which we worry. Yes we all want to be liked and/or admired! It could be human nature or primal instinct and if so, how many times have you bared your teeth when meeting someone new?  In current human nature, that's a smile! I'm finding the older I get the less this is an issue.  Am probably on my way to be one of those grumpy old women. Move over Germaine Greer! However, as long as I'm on my bike exercising and getting out there this is not an issue.  Maybe this could become an empirical study.


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