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What is the scariest movie you have ever watched, and what about it scared the h

  1. bluesradio profile image74
    bluesradioposted 2 years ago

    What is the scariest movie you have ever watched, and what about it scared the heck out of you?

  2. Wakerra profile image76
    Wakerraposted 2 years ago

    I watched Night of the Twisters once.  I had to be in my Teenage years, but that movie just unnerved me so much.  The part I remember that unsettled me the most is when the first twister passed over, and the kids are stumbling through the wreckage.  One boy spots a man who he believes to be his dad from behind, and goes over to check on him.  The man is sitting on a stump or something, dead.  He had the same jacket as the boy's father, but it wasn't his father.  Something about seeing that "body" and the possibility that it was the boy's father just horrified me.

    I want to say it was seeing the bodies, death, destruction that scared me so much, but at the same time, I can watch Watership Down, First 48 and other true crime/forensic investigation shows no problem.  I dunno what it was about that movie...maybe because I was younger when i saw it?

  3. Michaela Osiecki profile image78
    Michaela Osieckiposted 2 years ago

    The Grudge - there's just something about a supernatural entity that can't be stopped or avoided that really wigs me out.

  4. Rachel L Alba profile image94
    Rachel L Albaposted 2 years ago

    It was Jaws, when it first came out.  Now I see the mechanics of it, but back then it looked so real to me.  The music had a big part in that movie and the blood squirting out all over when someone was bit in half.  It made me sick for days.