Has it become cool to be Scrooge?

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    Oztinatoposted 2 years ago

    Has it become cool to be Scrooge?

    Before his conversion Scrooge considered Xmas to be "humbug" and scolded carolers. Today it's becoming fashionable in certain social circles to criticise Xmas and Xmas Carols. So have we come full circle? Is unreformed Scrooge the new black?

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    gmwilliamsposted 2 years ago


    Great question, Oztinato.  There are some people who believe that Christmas is passe & no longer exist.  They maintain that Christmas is a relic of more religious times which isn't relevant today.  They see Christmas as just another day.  They may even view Christmas as an inconvenience because they would rather be out & about, taking care of business.

    There are others who are disenchanted with Christmas because they have experienced an economic downturn in their lives.  They were once socioeconomically prosperous & now they have fallen on hard socioeconomic times.  They don't know if their bills are going to paid &/or where their next meal will come from.  They view Christmas as a shadow of a time long ago where everything was copasetic.  To them, Christmas reminds them of how far they descended socioeconomically.

    Then there are some who have lost family & friends.  They view Christmas as what once was.  They don't feel the joy because they contend that nothing will ever be the same without their cherished relatives who are deceased. They feel that Christmas has lost its allure & magic.  To them, Christmas is just another endurance test in their travels through life.

    Yes, there are those souls who view Christmas as an utter waste of time.  In their view, what is the significance of Christmas?  They see Christmas as total chicanery, even fakery.  They see people being so nice to each other at Christmas while during the rest of the year, they are just pure curmudgeons . They view Christmas as pure hypocrisy where people present their "nicer" selves & reverting to their true selves after Christmas season is over.

    There are a few who decry Christmas for its extravagant materialism.  They see Christmas as the epitome of crass, commercial consumption.  They maintain that during this season, people buy gifts which are unnecessary, only to make stores richer.  They also contend that Christmas is merely an excuse for more consumerism, even excess consumerism which isn't present at any other time of year.

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      Yes, these were all the excuses that unreformed Scrooge used to justify his intolerance.