When will rap music and the man bun end?

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    Oztinatoposted 2 years ago

    When will rap music and the man bun end?

    Usually music and fashion changes every decade or so. In the fifties it was rock n roll and greasy hair, in the sixties the hippies and long hair, in the 70's glam rock and mullets etc
    How come repetitive rap is still here? Why won't the man bun die? Are we doomed to establish these fashions forever? What's changed about pop culture? Usually one generation rebels against their forbears. Why are today's youth accepting their parents rap?

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    Medvekomaposted 2 years ago

    For the rap part, take a look at the music genres you listed. Rock and roll is still out there, even evolved since into hard rock, rock, metal, metalcore and all the other subgenres. I don't think rap will 'disappear', perhaps it'll lose its importance.

    From personal experience, and from both environments I spent a longer time in (university in the UK, childhood in Hungary), rap wasn't dominant in either. There's mostly house party music going on here in Britain, and we had all the rock back in Hungary.

    For the man bun, it's too recent to go out of fashion. Remember when people shaved their temples and had only hair on the top of their skulls? That's the thing that only recently went out of fashion. Man buns, those have a year or two I think.

    TL/DR, Man bun is recent and will probably stay for a year or two, rap already lost significance and is in the background.

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