The love we share good, bad or indifference?

  1. prezjr profile image60
    prezjrposted 15 months ago

    The love we share good, bad or indifference?

    So many ppl out here search for the wrong things. What is love? What makes a relationship? What makes u happy is what I always asked? I started dating a women in July of 2016, we had a lot of indifferences, we had a lot of obstacles yet we still found we were compatible and we made each other happy. As time went on we now sit here reminiscing of how it would of never been if we would of listen to the naysayers and none believer's that love can come in all shapes, sizes and ages as I'm 14yrs her senior she fills my heart with gladness and waking up to her is the best part. Our love is true.

  2. AF Mind profile image60
    AF Mindposted 15 months ago

    Things seem okay between the two of you. I hope the best works out.