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Man of Steel Merchandise

Updated on August 1, 2013

Where to Find Man of Steel Merchandise Including T-shirts, Posters, Toys, Costumes and much more...

Superman fans will be happy to hear that it's not long now until Man of Steel hits cinema's worldwide. Of course this means a whole new set of Man of Steel movie merchandise!

Almost everything has been rebooted for this movie. This time around the answers won't be easy for Clark Kent. He'll have to choose his own destiny. This means there's more of an emotional story about the journey he takes from a boy to a superhero. There's a new costume, along with really cool posters and toys kids will love too!

In a rush, click here to see all of the latest Man of Steel 31" Action Figure

Man of Steel Collectibles

Man of Steel Movie Collectibles

Complete Your Collection With Superman, Jor-el and Zod

All of these collectibles below are based on the upcoming Man of Steel movie. Click on the images below to see the figures in more detail. You won't believe how closely these statues look exactly like the characters from the movie.

Only a limited number are available so order now to avoid disappointment. Will also make a great addition to a Superman collection.

Man of Steel Superman Iconic StatueSEE DETAILS

Man of Steel Zod Iconic StatueSEE DETAILS

Man of Steel Jor-El Iconic StatueSEE DETAILS

Future Collectible General Zod Action Figure

Square Enix Man of Steel General Zod Action Figure
Square Enix Man of Steel General Zod Action Figure

This is the companion figure to the one above. Complete the set by getting General Zod too.

Not only does does come with interchangeable hands and gloves but he also comes with an extra mask that can be added for extra drama.

Zod is taller than Superman and stands at over 10 inches tall. And can also be displayed in the accompanying display case that comes with this America Collectible.


Superman Man of Steel Toys

Giant Superman Action Figure

DC Universe Man of Steel 31" Action Figure, Giant Size
DC Universe Man of Steel 31" Action Figure, Giant Size

If your kids love Superman then they'll ove this bigger than normal action figure of the Man of Steel.

At over 31 inches tall more detail can be seen on this action man. With over 7 joints kids can manipulate Superman into all the classic poses and develop new poses for themselves and their imagination!

What's even cooler about this toy is it comes with it's very own cape made from fabric rather than plastic. So it will move and flutter in the air just as the movie characters does.

Collectors may want this too! If it's kept in it's original packaging I could see this being a highly sought after collectible. And it's unlikely that kids will have saved their ones without inflicting damage. So there will probably only be a few in tact in the future.


Superman Man of Steel Trailer and Music Featured in the Trailers

Here are the latest trailers for the upcoming blockbuster of the summer. if you feel emotional or like crying when watching this trailer you aren't alone. The music on the first trailer is actually by Howard Shore and it's called The Bridge Of Khazad Dum from the Fellowship of the Ring movie soundtrack.

Elegy from the Immortal Memory album by Lisa Gerrard and Patrick Cassidy is featured in the second trailer.

The song in the third trailer is Hans Zimmer - An Ideal of Hope from the actual Man of Steel soundtrack.

A lot of the trailer music actually reminds me of another popular movie starring Russell Crowe. It also had an amazing movie soundtrack and that was Gladiator! I'm crossing my fingers that this movie has the same emotional pull that movie had. Otherwise, it's just another Superhero movie reboot.

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Do you prefer the new Superman outfit or the original outfit?

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Superman Costumes

Classic Costumes For You to Dress Up as Superman - Kids Will Love this outfit

The Man of Steel costumes haven't been released yet, but there's nothing to stop you from dressing up as your favorite Superhero. Try on some of these classic outfits.

Girls Can Dress Up Too!

DC Super Heroes Child's Supergirl Costume, Small
DC Super Heroes Child's Supergirl Costume, Small

Girls will look super cute in this version of the Supergirl outfit.

Includes a blue and red dress with the logo on the front. Add the cape on the back, along with the shiny gold belt. The red and gold boot covers go on top of whatever shoe wear to complete the costume!

Please click the image for details on sizes.


Latest Superman Posters

Show the world you're a superhero fan by adding one of these to your bedroom wall, your home office or your locker!

Is it a bird, or a plane? No it's Henry Cavill in tights!

Man of Steel DVD Coming Soon

Come back and check out this page for new movie merchandise, including Superman Man of Steel on DVD.

Looking For More Man of Steel Merchandise? - There's so much to choose from...

Different ages and genders will be looking for different movie merchandise. If you have kids you might be looking for bedroom decor, or toys and figures. if you are more grown up you might be looking for a poster or a collectible. You might even want a keychain or a costume.

There are so many options that it's hard to list them all on one page. However, most of the latest movie themed gifts are available on Amazon and you can search easily below.

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    • profile image

      Shubhanshu 2 years ago

      This is basically how I've piecrutd a modern actor to look in the role of Superman. I hope this movies better than the last. I know at least the acting skills of Henry are quite better than the last.

    • profile image

      anonymous 4 years ago

      I like the giant Superman action figure!