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Do you love STAR TREK? I confess I do!

Updated on November 19, 2009


Every night around 1.a.m ( Europian time) I am not available for anybody. I do not answer on Hub comments, I do not read e-mails, and I do not communicate neither with my boyfriend nor with our cats. At that time I am travelling around the universe with Voyager crew. Do not try to contact me at that time- I am in Delta Quadrant.

Of course we watch now repetition of serial, because some people here love Star Trek so much that they always like to watch it again. Star Trek adventures became part of our lives.

My boyfriend used to watch the part of serial with captain Picard incharged for Crew of Voyager, he never accepted neither Deep Space Nine, neither often keeps me company while I fly with captain Janeway and Seven of Nine (and dream about Chakotay). Female captain and so many powefull women on spaceship are certainly a little bit too much for him to watch every day. But he learned the lesson, when Star Trek beginns, the rest of the world for me does not exist. If he tries to ask me something, the best he can get from me is angry reaction of one Klingon women. In room has to be silence. While I am in deep space.

Am I addicted to this serial? I confess I am. I have always been, from the time of captain Kirk, but the Voyager with captain Janeway (and Chakotay, he, he) is certainly the most interesting one. There is entertaining mixture of various positive intentions like:

  • creating peace in universe,
  • adventure,
  • compassion,
  • favorizing the best human qualities,
  • deep resepect for all forms of life
  • idea about non-interfering with somebody else´s culture and development is certainly very wise one and should be performed much more in our societies.

At the same time there are many of quantum mechanics theories presented as: time travel, temporal anomalies, alternative timelines, warp drive (faster then speed of light), teleportation, what is great because it allows people to easier accept the quantum physics hypothesis while watching them as normal part of life in their favorite serial.

At the same time there is also nanotechnology, which we human already use in our real world. As well as Borg in Star Trek. Hm. It makes me wander about nanotechology....

Some women like soap operas, I like to entertain myself with ideas of space travelling and SF.

Majority of species which Star Trek crew discoveres in the Universe - are humanoids . Through the serial, authors actually described many possible humans attributes and cultural differences which exist - here on Earth and our real world. For the purpose of scenario they are shown as different speices somewhere in Universe, but all serial is actually inspired by our various existing human qualities and cultural differences we can meet in reality, or in our human past...or future.

The main idea of serial is to teach us that we need to start to think more about depth of our influence on other forms of life here on this planet and even more far from Earth... We can be proud about ourselves and accepted from others only if we develop as non-invasive beings ...


First Star Trek Crew

First Star Trek


Captain Kirk was good looking, adventorous womenizer...don`t you think? At that time when serial was filmed, people needed completely different type of space - hero... It is good that human ideals are in constant process of development and transformation.



Next Generation was certainly quantum leap in new conscioussness comparing to the first part of Star Trek. Many new speaces discoverd, much more peaceful solutions to the problems, much deeper analysis of various characters and new cultures met in space. Hm, still too much wars....

We somehow think that wars are normal part of life in universe, is it really so?



Deep Space Nine

Deep Space Nine


At the beginning I very hardly accepted Deep Space Nine. But finally when I got used to it - it became very interesting to me.

The most important issue I was thinking of while watching it - where can lead fanatic acceptance of any religion, spiritual path, code or belief when we do not use common sense.

By my opinion this was the most valuable topic of this part of serial...


Star Trek Voyager

Voyager Crew


Voyager crew is certainly my favorite one up till now.

In Delta quadrant of human consciousness can lead us even bigger compassion and self-transformation in order to survive. Amazing women as Janeway, B`Ellana, Seven, Kes brilliantly co-operate with crew and do their best to bring Voyager home.

The most valuable message is that danger and conflict primarily resides  in realms of human fears, fears create the enemies as well as lack of knowledge.

Humans need to recognize that in order to survive on Earth. According to the progress of consciousness Star Trek crews made during 30 years of emitting, we will one day succeed in that aim and learn the lessons which will help us to move forward...

...but, there is still a lot of lessons in front of us... 




Al this characters and species are part of our human consciousness


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