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Give Your Children the Best, Not the Ugliest

Updated on December 29, 2016


A friend of mine complains to me that her five-year-old daughter starts using foul languages at home from time to time. She suspects someone at the daycare center, perhaps the teacher or students’ irresponsible parents, are the driving force behind this irritable behavior.

“Kids at this young age learn thing fast,” she says. “If the Fxxkxxg teacher does nothing I will take my kid out of the Fxxkxxg school. I don’t want to pay them the Fxxkxxg hard earned money to ruin my child. Can you believe her? She calls me Fxxkxxg ‘Stupid Woman’. I almost slap her face. I didn’t Fxxkxxg teach her to say that.”

Just under a minute, she speaks the “F” word 5 times, and “Stupid Woman”, how familiar that sounds. I remember she used to say that almost every time she hung up the phone with her mother. I wonder to myself, “The source of the problem might be closer than you think.”

Kids at this young age are hunger for knowledge. They learn things very fast. Sometimes, without you realizing it, they have already copied your action, language, behavior, even attitude. How you carry yourself in front of them reflects the way children behave. In their young minds, you, the parents, are their example.

An apple does not fall far from the tree. Dutiful parents not only provide their children with clothing, food, toy and other material means, they also guide their young, and help them distinguish right from wrong, beauty from ugliness. As parents, you are their shelter against the tough world out there, and if this fortress falls, who will protect them?

Final Words

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