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Potty Chairs

Updated on September 1, 2009

I realize I'm a bit old to remember mine, but I do recall my little sister's potty chair, and boy was it lame. I bet today's toddler would give it rather a disdainful look if you asked him or her to have a wee in it. And God forbid you asked them to stick around long enough for a poo. No, today's toddler has an array of potties to choose from, some of which can be found in a fun Sesame Street motif and others which you can select to go with your bathroom d├ęcor. Whichever potty chair you purchase for your child, it's important that it be cool; because who wants to sit on something as dull as the potty chair you grew up with?

Fischer Price Froggy Potty

Now this is a cute little froggy potty, isn't it? Fisher Price designed it with smooth edges, anti-splash protection for the boys, a removable bucket and a handle you can carry it round by. It looks more like a ride at Disney World than a potty -- what kid wouldn't love to tinkle in this?

Fisher Price My Potty Buddy

This Fisher Price My Potty Buddy photo does not do this thing justice. What you can't see in this pic is the little toilet paper roll holder, which your child can use to hold their own T.P.! The seat works just like Mommy and Daddy's does, and you can even flush the handle and hear a click. This can be used for absolute beginners as well as more experienced pottiers by snapping the seat onto the big peeps potty. AND... are you ready for this? The potty SINGS when junior goes wee and reminds them to flush. Too cute.

Baby Bjorn Potty Chair

This potty chair by Bjorn Baby isn't super fancy, but they sure do come in loads and loads of colors that children love. The potty itself is ergonomically constructed and provides good back support and armrests so your child will feel secure whilst learning to potty properly. The chair is lined with a rubber lining at the bottom so it will stick in place while junior is tinkling and when he's done it's very simple to clean up, as the bin is removable. And when your baby no longer needs his potty chair, you can teach him how to recycle it!

Sesame Street Potty Chair

They call this the 3 in 1 potty chair because when Junior's done learning how to tinkle in the potty, you can remove the seat and move it to Mom and Dad's potty and help him learn how to use the grown up version. Elmo actually speaks 10 phrases and he speaks them in English and Spanish, depending on your preference. The bucket is removable for easy cleaning and the potty also comes with stickers for a job well done.


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