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'The 12 Role Models Within' An Amazing Life Circle About Becoming A Positive Role Model.

Updated on June 12, 2015

Another Life Circle by Pearldiver.

There is a new leaf in every frond.
There is a new leaf in every frond.
Can You Be A + Spark In Someone's Life?
Can You Be A + Spark In Someone's Life?

The 12 Role Models Within.

'The 12 Role Models Within': Amazing Poems of Love and Hope: A Life Circle: About Being a Positive Role Model; by Pearldiver, looks at what it takes for anyone, from any country, culture or background to become a Role Model, along with the responsibilities and benefits that go with the honor.

Effectively today, there are two worlds in which our children can and likely will grow up in. The Internet or ‘virtual’ world is one which has more seductive ‘pulling power’ than the ‘real’ world most parents know and expect their children to fit in to. As a parent, you must consider this fact, in every plan that you may have, for your child’s future and for any relationship you expect to maintain with them.

The online world has redefined every single aspect of life, as you know it and perhaps, you need to be more realistic in what you expect from your children and what you should be realistically doing to up-skill yourself, in a new world happy to leave you behind! Does that take away your ability to be a Role Model? No, quite the contrary actually, it provides you a greater opportunity to lead and be respected, by example. But be prepared to be surprised at how much your ‘old fashioned’ standards, have actually been adopted by your ‘cyberkids.'

Teach your children well, still applies, as does learning from them. You may find that today, there is a far greater urgency for two things to occur; that you must take the time to establish an early solid, ongoing relationship and that you must up-skill to understand the language, social relevance's of and opportunities available to your ‘not-so-childlike’ modern day children.

To gain the best in your relationships with your children today, you need to be familiar with the changing faces of technology and understand that you, the parent, are likely to be excluded from their online social networks. The tables have in some respect, been turned as being a good role model to your children, may well be, that parents should be seen as little as possible and never heard online! Don’t take it to heart, embrace the challenge, make sure that they understand your family privacy standards and never give up on the power that you were given, the moment you became a parent.

You Choose: The actions that match and support the words.

You Choose: Hero or Zero?

Nearly every person on this planet has the ability to approach their life and personal attitude in a positive manner. Irrespective of circumstances, thinking and acting positively is a matter of personal choice. When one makes the commitment to themselves and those around them, to be a positive life force, then actions become as important as words. Try setting an example to yourself, before you pass it on. Believe in your own ability to be the best that you can be; whether that is using your time productively, building an empire, or merely being loved by your kids. You will not be disappointed, unless you expect them to ignore, or not see any insincerity or excuse that you offer.

Here are some words on a page, on the Internet, that maybe your children may have read and are words that reflect how they have thought about you, as a parent, as a role model, as lesson in life skills. Maybe, you don’t have children yet, so the relevance's of these words don’t fit your current circumstances. Maybe, these are your words, buried deeply within your heart, or maybe, you think I don't know what I'm saying here, (Even though I do!). These are positive words, good words that require a good listening skills and then a set of positive actions, from someone like you. These words may at some time change the lives of your children, or they may only be words that you wished that you could have shared... but didn't take in!

Please enjoy 'The 12 Role Models Within' and enjoy the lifetime benefits that you will gain freely, from applying them to those who will start out looking at you as a hero or a role model, until You Disappoint them: Knowingly or Unwittingly. Like your children, I hope you can be a hero. What do you hope to be?

* Pearldiver *

Teach Me - Show Me Who I Am.

Have you noticed ANY whales, anywhere throughout your travels?
Have you noticed ANY whales, anywhere throughout your travels?

Introduce Your Potential To Achievements.

* The 12 Role Models Within.*

♦ One ♦

Show me

Teach me who you are

I am your child

I must learn how to be

From you, then from you

I must learn how to define myself

To be balanced, not ashamed

Try to grow self worth

Learn to forgive

And try to live

Without blame

♦ Two ♦

If you teach me to hate

Then I will hate, as you do

If you abuse me again

Then I will learn to feel, no pain

I am your child

Show me who I can be

How to learn respect

How to act, when you are

Stoned or drunk, or wild

Beat me as you have

And one day, I will

Surely beat you

You show the world

Exactly who you are

If you have to beat a child

Show Me Who I Can Really Be.

Watch Me Be The Best That I Can Be.
Watch Me Be The Best That I Can Be.

♦ Three ♦

Show me

Show me why

You never listen

Or spend time with me

Why you put me down

Show me, what you gain

From lying to me

When you say, that you’re sorry

What you gain

From lying to yourself

When you say, that you care

♦ Four ♦

Show me

Show me how to fail

I can learn to make excuses

Learn to lie, like you do

I am your child

I don’t want to hurt

I don’t want your lies

I want you to be true

♦ Five ♦

Just watch me

Watch me be, the best at what I do

A perfect, positive role model

One who has learned to use

All your anger and blind hatred

The pain and all the faults in you

To inspire me not to lose

To become the parent

I wish that you had been

If only you had tried, to believe

Do you even know, what I mean?

A Power To Be And To Believe.

♦ Six ♦

Take any parent


And they have the power to be

The perfect, positive role model

To any child

Encouraged openly

♦ Seven ♦

And if you take any child


Build on their trust

Let them see

How much they are loved

No matter meek, or wild

Teach them well

To be proud

To be confident

Loyal to their heart

Find their talents

Show them how

To reach for the stars

How they can achieve

Show them who you are

How proud of them, you can be

♦ Eight ♦

Such rewards

Can not be measured

In any single part

Let being a parent

Motivate you to be

True to a child’s heart

The one to inspire

Any child, anywhere

To have the courage

To have the power, to believe

In My Unique Way, May I Always Strive To Be.

♦ Nine ♦

Perhaps as children

There is a point in our lives

Where we are turned

Where we need more

Than mere love and security

Perhaps that starting point is

The moment we draw our first breath

We really need complete nurturing

Maybe we fool ourselves too easily

Maybe we just don’t realize, or try

That the power we have in life

Is lost, completely wasted

If not shared, or given before we die

♦ Ten ♦

From birth we really need

The power to seek

And to find an inner self

To understand how we are wired

So that we may become complete

So that all others that we meet in life

Are also positively inspired

To become the best they can be

To proudly state without doubt

My mentor taught this to me

In my unique way

In any child’s eyes

May I always strive to be

A positive, perfect role model

Are you proud of what you see?

You... Have The Power To Be!

♦ Eleven ♦

Take any potter’s clay

And it has the power to be

Mud, of value far reduced

Or a perfect testimony

To any potter’s skills

And to any outcome

Positively produced

How it was thrown

Formed, glazed and fired

In any creation, you can see

The love, time and energy

Put into a work of art

Or left out, wastefully

♦ Twelve ♦

If you pick up clay

Then never waste

The possibilities that lie within

For every role model

Like great potters

Had to learn their skill

Driven by a great

Commitment made

To help, to show others

They are more than fallen leaves from the tree

Will you be the positive, perfect role model

That you... have the power to be?

* Pearldiver *

Copyright © 2011 - 2015 Art of the Diver with all rights reserved.

I Believe That: Our Life Experiences Make Us All Truly Unique.


I Believe That: Having Positive Life Experiences Makes Our Uniqueness, Truly Worth Sharing and Passing On.

I Believe That: If you let a child into your world, then they will let into theirs, so that you may find the measurement there;

- Of who you really are to them, in their life. - Pearldiver -
- Of who you really are to them, in their life. - Pearldiver -

I Believe That: We All Have The Ability To Positively Influence The Life of At Least One Other Person In This World. * Pearldiver *

Thanks For Reading 'The 12 Role Models Within.'
Thanks For Reading 'The 12 Role Models Within.'

I have swum the oceans of the world searching, for others just like me.. so that I may share the secrets of survival... before it's...

Too Late... Before Fools Inherit and Completely Destroy My World!  But at least the Southern Oceans are safe again... Thanks Sea Sheppard.
Too Late... Before Fools Inherit and Completely Destroy My World! But at least the Southern Oceans are safe again... Thanks Sea Sheppard.

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