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What To Expect And Do In The Toddler Years

Updated on October 22, 2011

It is generally said it is difficult to handle babies the new born or a few month baby as compared to the grown ups from this age. People believe that it becomes easier to handle your child when they start growing up. But if you really ask a parent who had gone through this experience you will find a completely different answer. Such parents are going to respond you as that babies are easiest to be handled while toddler age is the most difficult one for parenting.

When a baby enters in toddler age, he actually starts learning about the things and capabilities he have. They realize that they have voice to react but are not aware that how to actually use it to express themselves. Kids become too much moody in toddler years. 

Generally you can say you will find your kid mostly irrational in toddler years. You’ll babies remain rational as they remain particular about their needs, what to eat, when to eat and how to sleep. For toddlers you may become crazy as they will become too selective about what dish they want to eat. And don’t worry; they sometimes may even create fuss over it that they wanted their meal from this side of the serving dish.

Toddlers become complex for parents with the time. They may be crying to sleep as they are hell drowsy but yet not ready to sleep because they want a particular stuff of their. They may be asking you for something but fails to make you understand what they actually want to say, this resulting in irritation for your toddler and later for you too.

You need to practice few things in order to control your toddler and have a happy toddlerhood parenting time.

Avoid These Mistakes

Parents of toddlers need to avoid few mistakes like we avoid any disease:

Use Short Sentences (Talk Less)

When your child is in his toddler years he is not able to understand completely whatever you say. From a longer sentence of yours they are going to pick one word that they are familiar with and will react according to their understanding.

To briefly make you understand this, consider this example, if you are going to say to your toddler that “do not eat this, it’s dirty”. You know what they are going to do? They are going to catch the word “eat” understanding that you are asking them to eat this thing and will consume it.

Don’t Shout

Toddlers can be called as copy cats too. They are in the age when they love to imitate whatever is being done by elders. So understand this well if you are going to shout over them, that’s what they are going to learn. They will learn this as if this is the appropriate way to communicate.

This is the reason why we see so many toddlers shouting commonly. In toddler years when children are unable to understand us well, their any action against our wish makes us get irritated and we shout thinking that they will understand it now.

No, this is completely incorrect approach. This way they just learn to react the same way. They learn that this is how we should also act.

Expect Less

In this age toddlers are going through numerous changes in their lives. They are learning thing, learning to speak, walk, eat and do various things. They are also being potty trained at this age too.

This is the biggest change that is being brought into their lives and that forcefully too. Now when you expect so many things from them at this age, want them to act like elders than definitely you are creating a reason for feeling grief. Don’t think that they are acting rudely or aggressively, it may be just the frustration of all this.

Strategies To Be Adopted

Be Supportive

Support your child whenever you see them trying to discover or explore something new. Supporting them in any challenging situation will help in controlling their tantrums; because it’s not anger usually it’s the frustration of failure while trying to do something.


If your child is behaving in a way that is undesirable, than the best strategy that you can adopt is that just ignore them.

Every child do everything to gain parent’s attention, so if you are going to ignore them twice or thrice in such situation they will learn that behaving this way won’t work.

Be Kind

Be kind and generous to your child. Display your love and affection for them and this is going to help them in overcoming many of their disappointments.

Here were some advices or the parents who are going through the toughest period of parenting that is their child is in toddler age. Adopt these strategies and avoid the above mentioned mistakes and you may easily go through this tough time period of your life. Happy parenting.

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