honorable woman's day

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    nomsa4posted 5 years ago

    as a person you choose to be what you want to be, but to be a honorable and a responsible woman you do it yourself, we can all be woman but few are called responsible, being a woman comes with responsibility, whether you have kids or not, whether your married or single, being a woman means you have  right to be your own person and to be heared, a right to raise your kids whether your a single parent, as woman it really do amaze me at times that one can actually abandon her kids and or choose a  man over her kids, what kind of a woman is that, i guess there are kinds and kinds of woman around lets see.
    1.responsible woman
    2.careless woman
    3.ignorant woman
    you better choose where your being categorized because there are lots of woman out there and they categorize them selfs as being responsible because you feed your kids, its not only that that makes a woman responsible its also caring , loving and teaching them the right way. being there for your kid makes them to trust and want to be like mom one day