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The importance of fathers in a woman's life

  1. realtalk247 profile image67
    realtalk247posted 3 years ago

    So recently I was able to take part in part of a Husband/Father's night out with his daughter.  She was a sweet little girl who was shy.  I asked her a few questions about her day and I heard her father kindly reiterate not to mumble and she look me in the eye when she spoke to me.  He explained that he had to leave as his daughter reminded him a few times that she didn't want to miss her favorite Disney program. 
    I thought how wonderful a future this young lady had ahead of her spending time with her father that loved her so much. Her father explained that he spent time with her alone at least one a month and time with his son alone at least once a month.  My heart beamed with joy when I thought of what a secure, loved, and treasure he was displaying in spending time with her while teaching her social skills etc.
    Kudos to all you wonderful fathers out there to take time to create great women and as Chris Rock would say............keep your daughters off the stripper pole.
    Good stuff, good people, and a joyous experience.

    1. Sed-me profile image82
      Sed-meposted 3 years agoin reply to this

      My husband always says a man spends half his time measuring up to his father-in-law and the other half making up for his mistakes.

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    grand old ladyposted 3 years ago

    Hi Realtalk,

    I love the point you made in this forum. May I know the source of your statististics? I would love to borrow your stats from you:)

    Btw, you may want to look here: http://thefatherlessgeneration.wordpres … tatistics/

    I found this while trying to look up your stats.