Effects of Family Dynamics on Children

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    gmwilliamsposted 10 months ago

    In multichild families of 6 or more children, parents oftentimes cannot devote adequate &/or individualized time, love, attention, & most of all socioeconomic resources to each of their children.  Furthermore, in such families, there is marked leaning towards favoritism towards some children & not others.  There is also a greater tendency to disfavor some children, even going far as to scapegoat these children.  In large multichild families, there is NO equal treatment as there are in smaller families(2-4 children).  In families of 6 or more children, there WILL be preferential treatment of some children & quite DIFFERENTIAL treatment of other children.  In such families, oldest &/or older children will NEVER have their needs.  They are at best IGNORED, even DISCARDED in favor of younger siblings.  In essence, they are considered to be non-entities until they are deemed useful by their parents &/or younger siblings.  They AREN'T valued nor appreciated for themselves.  It is the younger children in such families who will have ALL of their needs met.

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      Please link to studies that prove any of that is true.

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        I have read books on family dynamics, particularly on large families.  I have also witnessed such situations firsthand from extended family members & friends.   Oldest &/or older children have IT THE HARDEST, their needs AREN'T ever met & they are easily discarded until pressed into the servitude of their parents & siblings.  Forget about middle children, they FALL through the familial cracks.   Youngest children seem to have IT MADE in large families.    I don't have any links but I have studied family dynamics & the large family is a rocky dynamic.  There are incidences of favoritism in such families.   

        All in all, in multichild families, there are incidences of parental favoritism, preferential & differential treatment.  While in smaller multichild families of 2-4 children, there is more or less equal treatment of oldest, middle, & youngest children.   However, in large families of 6 &/or more children, there is increased parental favoritism, more children vying for parental attention/love/resources, & marked incidences of preferential & differential treatment of children w/oldest children getting the shaft so to speak.