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i want to give my daughter a better life then i had but i can't even find a job

  1. ktps profile image54
    ktpsposted 8 years ago

    i want to give my daughter a better life then i had but i can't even find a job what do i do?

    im 21 and everything bad seems to happen to me

  2. profile image0
    sord87posted 8 years ago

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  3. Rangerwife profile image56
    Rangerwifeposted 8 years ago

    Try, and never give up.  You're on the right track in that you want to give her a better life.  If you really care about that, you'll be able to, but it may take time to build yourself up to that point.  Try and seek God, and things will turn out well.

  4. stricktlydating profile image83
    stricktlydatingposted 8 years ago

    If you can't find a part-time job, start a part-time Course, so that you're working towards a qualification in the future. In the mean time keep making enquiries about work in your local area, and don't give up, if you have determination and a positive outlook you're sure to find something soon! Best wishes.

  5. GoGranny profile image78
    GoGrannyposted 8 years ago

    Well you are already headed for a more positive future simply because you are concerned enough to ask for advice. Keep a positive outlook and continue to look for work, although it is tough these days. If you are interested in schooling check with your local community colleges and make an appointment to speak with an admissions counselor. If you like taking care of people maybe you would like being a nursing assistant in a nursing home. Some facilities offer free or paid classes to get certified. They pay is usually good for a first job, there is always a demand, and if you find you enjoy the nursing field you could go on to school to be a nurse - which is an even better paying job with plenty of openings. Some facilities actually offer educational assistance for their employees to go to nursing school.
    Best Wishes for you and your daughter.

  6. profile image48
    L.Marieposted 8 years ago

    Well Dabeaner i think what you wrote was very rude how can u even say that>?

    Anyway i think that your on the right track because you want advice so that shows you do want to do right for your child and dont worry you will get a job. Just keep your head up.

  7. Lady_E profile image76
    Lady_Eposted 8 years ago

    That's a lovely thing to do for your daughter.

    Don't give up looking for a job. The issue now with recession is that hundreds are applying for 1 post, with a cover letter.

    You might also want to try just sending your CV off to people who have not advertised a post. I know people and I personally have found jobs that way.

    "Everything bad seems to happen to you".  Expect the positive and while your seaching for a job, read some encouraging, motivational self-help books. They tend to change your way of thnking and boost your confidence. Hang in there, nice things will happen.

    Best wishes.

  8. HubCrafter profile image70
    HubCrafterposted 8 years ago

    Hi ktps:

    You gave your daughter LIFE. That's where things begin.

    Now teach your child, not with your words; words can change. Teach her by your LIFE.

    Show her the wisdom of what you know is good. Show her means do it in front of her. She will follow.

    Now. Let's talk about your age. When I was 21 I had to carry George Washington AND Abraham Lincoln 20 miles every day, thru the snow...just to get to work!

    OK. So age doesn't matter. Does it? Age is just a story we tell ourselves to explain how did I get to this place right here..in my life. Tell that story while you're walking my friend. You'll get where you're going a whole lot faster that way.

    And THEN? What's up with the world, don't treat me so bad. Wah!

    Hey girl. The world don't even know you. You are not some somebody they are lookin to find or replace or pretend they want to be.

    So rejoice, rejoice! Cuz nobody is gonna be up in your business but family. No girl. There's no paparazzi comin and no trouble like big trouble when you got big money and no sense.

    You see those tabloids? At the supermarket they TRASH those people. Be glad you are just folks and NOT one of them.

    So. Where we at? You REALLY expect ME to fix YOU? Nah. Don't happen thata way. You are in the driver's seat. You are in charge and YOU are the MOMMA, girl. So get it together. And get thinkin about your little girl. She needs a strong role model if she's gonna avoid the mistakes waiting for her.

    Hey, so who's YOUR role model? Well, you better GET a GOOD one. Find someone straight and clean and good. Someone you can ALWAYS trust. Then you do what they do. It's NOT hard girl. It just takes time.

    And look at me. Older than dirt and STILL talkin trash and takin names. Go on now. And make your girl proud of her Momma.