How Many Children Should A Couple Have?

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    ngurecoposted 8 years ago

    How Many Children Should A Couple Have?

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    no1demonposted 8 years ago

    i say as many as they want so long as they can afford to keep them till there old enough to fend for themselves

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    MovieMagicposted 8 years ago

    Talk about a hugely controversial one line question.  Some people belive that all humans should be tested to make sure they would be good parents.  Others deem reproduction a human right.  Others feel we are over populating the planet and should reconsider our extensive destruction on the planet we live on.

    If I had been tested when I suddenly found myself pregnant at 29 as an "opsy" I probably would not have passed the regulations on being a good parent since I was a single mom, low end of the income scale and working through some medical issues.  However I have a bright child who is healthy and happy.

    If my parents had been tested I am sure they would have passed with flying colours.  They viciously distroyed their children's lives, viewed their children as nothing more then pawns to use against one and other.  Heck my birth date was planned for the biggest tax break they could get for the year without great expenses.

    Should we be free to have as many children as possible?  I don't think so, but unfortunately I don't have the perfect idea for how to control population explosion without serious moral and emotional consequences. 

    It is easy enough to see we have already over populated this planet to the breaking point.  Planet earth can only create so much food and other resources before there just is nothing left to take.

    Does the human race need population control? Yes in my opinion we do.  How do we accomplish this?  That is something I still can not answer.