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Starting the new year with potty training...any tips?

  1. casey.zvanut profile image54
    casey.zvanutposted 8 years ago

    Starting the new year with potty training...any tips?

  2. karmicfilly profile image75
    karmicfillyposted 8 years ago

    I have to say that I sort of cheated in this area with my daughter Zoe.  She was born in September so the summer when she was 1.6 years of age she was outside almost constantly.  We swam all the time and she loved being out in the yard with the animals.

    I just let her go naked and squat to pee.  When she got the hang of telling me before she needed to go we started taking that indoors.  The first time she pooped outside our dog Copper ran off with the deposit.

    She cried "mom Cooper took my poo".  Which I replied "it's ok baby you don't need it any more".  She was satisfied with the answer and learned how to finally poop indoors before she turned 2.

  3. _cheryl_ profile image82
    _cheryl_posted 8 years ago

    Yes! I was able to successfully potty train my now 3 yr. old just after he turned 2...I have a hub on it! Basically, if you keep consistency you're all good, or you can check out my page and read up on my step by step and hopefully get you diaper free in about 2 weeks. Good luck!

  4. nancy_30 profile image70
    nancy_30posted 8 years ago

    The pull up diapers didn't work with my daughter so I would let her go around the house in a shirt and panties.  She loves Dora so thats what her panties had on them.  I told her not to pee on Dora because Dora wouldn't like it.  That helped.  I would also take her to the bathroom about every two or three hours and let her sit on her potty.  When she would actually go I would give her a sticker.

  5. nasus loops profile image68
    nasus loopsposted 8 years ago

    The first thing to think about is ' is your child ready?'.  If the answer to this is yes then take your child shopping for big boy/girl pants and a potty, personally I would recommend the chair potty, although a little more expensive they serve better as your child gets older. 

    Incourage your child to use the potty before they go to bed and first thing when they get up.  Try no to use training pants, although they are great for parents as clothes don't get wet, the child doesn't have the same wet sensation as they would with a pair of pants.  However saying that, if your child is having accidents and you are fed up of wet clothes try putting a pair of pants inside the pull ups, they then feel wet, but you don't have wet trousers to worry about.

    Don't push your child, they will train when they are ready, believe it or not!

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    everyday livingposted 7 years ago

    check out this hub, there are more about what potty chair and how to potty train tips and tricks!


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    hobbynobposted 6 years ago