Stay At Home Mom - Top Five Tips

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  1. frogdropping profile image83
    frogdroppingposted 8 years ago

    Stay At Home Mom - Top Five Tips

  2. profile image0
    katiekat311posted 8 years ago

    1. Sleep/shower when your newborn baby sleeps.

    2. Shower & have "mom time" when older baby sleeps.

    3.  Don't try to be supermom--it's okay if all the laundry and
        dishes aren't done.

    4. Ask for help when you need it ( from your hubby or any older
        children you may have ).  Just because you are home all day
        doesn't mean you are expected to do everything on your own.

    5. Try really hard not to compare yourself too much to other
        moms.  So what if someone else's house is cleaner than
        yours or if they look more put together than you do on
        certain days--spend precious time with your kids because
        they'll only be little once.

  3. jjcinsd profile image49
    jjcinsdposted 8 years ago

    1.  DON'T stay at home!!  Get out of your jammies and get out of the house.

    When I was home with kids when they were younger, I found it all too easy to spend a day in sweatpants, pajamas, whatever, watching Playhouse Disney and feeling my brain turn to mush.  I knew I had to do something before I stopped feeling like staying home was a privilege and it began to feel like a sentence.   Although I'm not much of a structured person, I created a weekly schedule.  I sought out community activities and planned around them.  Twice a week we went to community center playgroups.  Once a week we went to the library.  Once a week we went to either the zoo, children's museum, butterfly house, park, whatever. 

    2. Find a support group.

    Being a SAHM isn't a disease, but loneliness sure can be!  As much joy as our kids give us, it gets really tough not talking to other adults.  Find a mom's group of some sort.  Check to see if your church has one.  See if there is a local MOPs group.  Sometime the La Leche League will do group activities.  And if that doesn't work, or even if it does, there is always the Internet.  There is a forum for just about any parenting topic,  philosophy, or stage you can imagine.  Sometimes the anonymity is a good thing.  It allows you to be more honest.

    3.  Find a good babysitter.

    Things are going to come up.  You'll need to go to the doctor, get a haircut or just have some alone time.  Find someone who can help on a regular basis so you're not scrambling when you need backup.

    4.  Think of it as your job.

    This isn't an easy one.  Your husband goes to work in the morning at his job.  Staying home with the kids is your job.  At the end of the day, parenting is BOTH of your jobs.  Sometimes it's hard to remember that taking care of kids is work.  Talk to your husband and create a plan so you can both share in the parenting duties in the evening.

    5.  Enjoy it!!

    They're only little for a very short time.  Try to take a moment each day to look at the little buggers and remember what miracles they are.  Children are such a blessing.  Being able to be there for all of their firsts, to see step by step the people they are becoming is a gift.  Enjoy.

  4. profile image0
    JeanMeriamposted 8 years ago

    1. Remember why you decided to stay at home because sometimes you will really wonder.

    2.Take care of yourself and your appearance.

    3.Keep up your outside interests the best you can

    4. Make friends with other stay at home moms

    5. Use your time at home to try all the things you wouldn’t have time to do if you had to be at work for 8 hours a day. For instance if I was at work all day I wouldn’t have the time or energy to write on hubpages,lol. Freedom!!!


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