Please share your experiences with your Hopi family.

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    wyanjenposted 8 years ago

    Please share your experiences with your Hopi family.

    My great grandmother was an Ottowa Indian in northern Michigan. I have no photos or family stories of her, and that is devastating to me. I'm always searching for the native culture, and I would be honored if you would share your heritage with me.

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    B.C. BOUTIQUEposted 8 years ago

    I certainly will. I have many, many books and photos , as well as artifacts that were left for me to have to caarry on the tradition. I am only 1/2 native, but I still am very proud to be Hopi and German/Irish + AMERICAN. I apologize that I have not been on line much these past few weeks, I had been sick, recovered slowly and right after I got my strength back, my friend had her baby at home - an emergency situation - and I had been staying with her other 2 sons while she was in the hospital with her newborn , Darren. ( Her husband is stuck in Philadelphia working, he does construction and they could not get him home, can you imagine??? )
    Anyway, one of my next hubs will be for you. It will be about my Hopi ancestory ( I intend to make it almost like chapters, each hub touching on a different aspect of our culture and traditions, I am not a fast hubber because I strive for quality and I like to help tell my story with actual will be getting at least 10 to 30 hubs , in total, on this topic ) I am very tired tonight ( I have a few uncurable disorders, nothing contagious or can ever be spread, all genetical ) from a recent medication change the doctor did for me friday ( I am tired, but will be used to it soon, he did it for the best and during the day I have been feeling better physically than I have in years)
    Tomarrow is a very busy day for me, but I can promise you I will have the next installment on my Hopi heritage , and some general Native American history hubbed by Friday this week.
    Thank you for enjoying my work . I am a disabled artist of many medias and am honored to be sought out for more of my writing. It makes me feel good and makes me very happy to know that I have brought joy or taught someone a new thing with my art ( yes, writing is an art form, it is not one of my major forms, but one I enjoy just as much as creating works of art with media and my hands )
    Blessings to you and your kin,
    Kerry Lynn Wilkes  ( Snowbird, shortened to "Snow" - my maiden - birth name, Etzwiler - my adopted name )