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how do you handdle being a single mother with a huge mortgage?

  1. Hanna Bambina profile image58
    Hanna Bambinaposted 8 years ago

    how do you handdle being a single mother with a huge mortgage?

  2. pippap profile image86
    pippapposted 8 years ago

    Boy, are you playing my song!  I, too, was a single mother with a hefty mortgage.  So, I found amazing ways to save money.  I can't go into them all here; but, a few of them are:

    1.  Check your local dollar store before you go grocery shopping or shopping for anything for that matter.  Many dollar stores get products from stores that are going out of business and sell them cheaply.  One of my examples is the cat food I picked up last night at the dollar store.  Usually one can is approx. $1.50 in the grocery store.  I got 4 cans for $2.00.  Good deals like that everywhere.

    2.  Buy in bulk.  My kids and I enjoy rice; so, I bought my rice in 50 lb. bags.  Cost so little and lasted so long.  During growing season, I would go to the farmers' land to buy my produce - 50 lb. of potatoes for $10 is a deal I can't pass up. 

    3.  Don't be afraid to buy extra of things at a killer price especially if the product is freezable.

    4.  Go to thrift stores for clothing (except underwear and socks).  There are many excellent outfits available at a thrift store for a fraction of the store price.

    5.  Look to your community center for inexpensive things to do with your children.  They have all kinds of courses; arts and crafts; physical activities; lessons; etc. for very little or no money.  My daughters loved to swim; so, we went to the FREE swim at the pool at least once a week.  Great, wholesome physical activity that had all three of us engaged with each other - all for free.

    Good luck!

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    SpaceAgeposted 8 years ago

    i'm sure this wouldn't b ez. i'd c if u can refinance.

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    dotty1posted 8 years ago

    hey  ....there is someone else out there like me????yipppeee..

    well you could find a fantastic mortgage broker (  I am a mortgage broker).. and re mortgage to a better deal but the thing is us women are tough cookies...the mere thought that I could loose everything kept me driven into working as hard as I could initially... but obviously the economy changed and had a huge baring on my income..

    I wish I could provide my children with their hearts desire but they never go without...as mothers we go without in order to ensure they dont and thats just a mother's instinct...

    I tell you what I became quite excellent at managing to buy the weekly food on less than my average weekly petrol usage..

    I try to keep freezer full but never buy what I dont need.. its used every week and so no waste...

    I sold their baby clothes on ebay....

    I'm still a single mother and i have a huge mortgage but I am soing my best...Im alive..healthy and my children are too so think positive you can do it ...

    Why dya think emily pankhurst was so strong in her beliefs women should be equal???

    On throwing herself in front of that race horse to get us the right to vote it was because we as women are amazing and capable of anything x