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Afraid to tell the truth for being me....

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    ronpogi9210posted 10 years ago

    Ive been 8years now at my job and until now nobody knows my real life for being who i am in real life.because i was really afraid to tell them being who i am....Im a good looking guy and some of my co-worker are got a crush on me but i just keep ignoring them pretindeng Im a cool guy person.and a few days ago i told one of our new cooked being who i am.and this guy had 2 kids and staying with his girlfriend.......since then i was really had a feeling towards him,after a few days i told him about my feelings towards him,and he reply to me,he just wanted me to be a friend,,,,after a few days past i didnt stop my self to call his attention until one days he told me just like this,,,,ONLI PARA YOU EN MI OK?MUCHO SECRETO..........now my question is ?Does he really love me?by the way he is a Mexican guy.......and one more thing i give some gift for him,like a perfume ,shirt...........how am i supposed to asked him if he really love me?Is there any chance that it comes to the point that will go to the certain point that (love making will involved?) I really wanted him so much and how do i asked or what am i supposed to asked him if i really like to make a love for him? im not in a hurry actually but if that happened i dont know what im gonna asked him?do i have to waite for him?please need some advice....

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      jamanddruposted 10 years agoin reply to this

      The best thing you can do is take a deep breath and communication is a huge thing. if the situation is not to uncomftoble ask him for coffee no bar cause you never get the real deal. you only live once tell him how you feel and what are the chances of us happening, but be calm cause whatever happens you are still alive and have plenty of time to keep looking.

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    sminut13posted 10 years ago

    uhh ok, y don't you try talkin to him, subtly. see what his feelings are and all. you can't really go ahead and ask him, do you love me. the situation and opportunity has to be there i feel. you know, sometimes you jus feel that the time is right to ask something. it's like that. talk to him first, see what his feelings and thoughts are, since he also has kids and gf. hope it helps.

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    Talemposted 10 years ago

    I have two things to discuss, the meaning of the quote, and the morality of doing what your doing.

    Translating what the man said he roughly said "Only for you and me ok? Top secret".  When you confessed to him you were gay, he may have wanted to reassure you that he wouldn't tell anyone, and it was a secret he would keep.  I don't see how the quote can me interpreted into you thinking he likes you.  Maybe he has suggested in other ways, but that quote does not say to me he wants to be with you.

    Second...do you really think it is ok to start something with a man who has two children and a wife?  Also, doesn't that make you feel like the bad, and destructive "homewrecker"?  I am not here to judge you, but warn you of the damages you could do by pursuing him (if he is interested in the first place).

    I hope you get this sorted out, but my advice would be to stop pursuing this man.

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      kaydrposted 10 years agoin reply to this

      i agree you shouldnt pursue a married man ,if your prefrence is men find one else where,also never get involved with people you work for.