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Are you afraid to propose to a girl that you really love on the right time?

  1. Happy Knees profile image60
    Happy Kneesposted 13 months ago

    Are you afraid to propose to a girl that you really love on the right time?

    Supposedly that girl is the one you will marry.

  2. The0NatureBoy profile image45
    The0NatureBoyposted 13 months ago

    My take on marriage stems from my understanding of Genesis 2:24 "Therefore shall a man leave his father and his mother, and shall cleave unto his wife: and they shall be one flesh." To understand that we must realize there was no operation removing Eve from Adan but it was dreamt [see https://hubpages.com/religion-philosoph … -and-Evil] and makes it to represent the separating of each individual's femininity from their masculinity. 

    Since I have remarried my femininity to masculinity I have no problem proposing to any girl. The following is "MY PROPOSAL."

    I want to be your lover and desire you as mine
    but not to be each other's puppet nor control their mind.
    I want to be your friend to last all our life
    but not me a henpecked husband nor you a rooster-spurred wife.
    I want to love you with a love true, one that makes you free,
    so your friends can enjoy you and mine can enjoy me.
    I want to know I'm in your heart when you aren't around,
    that it's said with love when you say to me "be not found".
    I want your love to be so real you'll not say it's only for me,
    that it be so when we're with someone else there'll be no jealousy.
    I want not to rule your life nor for you to rule me,
    my joy is all I ask, and the same I ask for thee.
    So if you'll love me this way, this way that I love you,
    with our loving each other free we'll know our love is true!

    1. Happy Knees profile image60
      Happy Kneesposted 13 months agoin reply to this

      Yes. You're right on that smile Thanks for the reply smile I think you're brave enough to propose on the girl that you really love. I think that means you're very passionate to marry her smile

  3. dashingscorpio profile image88
    dashingscorpioposted 13 months ago


    Generally speaking fear should not be a factor if a couple has been dating and possibly cohabitating for over a year or so.
    Truth be told most marriage proposals are not a "shocking surprise". In fact most couples have already had discussions about spending the rest of their lives together in one form or another prior to becoming engaged.
    The proposal is little more than a formality for long-term couples.
    If someone is "afraid" to propose they must sense their mate isn't "all in" with regard to spending their lives together. Odds are they're considering proposing before solidly establishing the relationship, haven't invested the time getting to know the person very well, and have no idea of the "emotional investment" the perspective spouse has in them or their relationship.
    Another reason why some people might be afraid to propose is because they aren't ready or don't have their act together financially or stability wise. Maybe there have been many ups and downs in the relationship and a marriage proposal at this time would seem to come "out of the blue" or desperation tactic.
    Last but not least sometimes the proposer has put pressure on them self to make the proposal itself something "magical" or they fear the ring isn't all that great.
    Ideally their mate is someone who is "in love" with them which means they'd be happy with a proposal almost anywhere or anytime. These days most couples enjoy shopping for the engagement ring together.
    Having said that there two reasons why most men don't propose:
    1. Timing (They're happy as is or have other priorities.)
    2. You are not "the one".
    According to statistics by age 44 over 85% of men have been married at least once. With marriage equality laws in effect that number is likely to rise. Therefore if 90% of a group does anything clearly "fear" isn't an obstacle.

    1. Happy Knees profile image60
      Happy Kneesposted 13 months agoin reply to this

      Thank you for your  feedback smile Godbless you as well.