A question to more experienced fathers! (My daughter is a beautiful 16th months

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    fundamentallifeposted 7 years ago

    A question to more experienced fathers! (My daughter is a beautiful 16th months old) What tips...

    do you have to strike a happy medium between spending time with your kids to bond... And spending time with your partner/wife/girlfriend, to keep the 'flame' alive?!

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    goldenpathposted 7 years ago

    You are there to support and provide for the family temporally and spiritually.  You preside over your household.  Supporting your wife to the fullest in the raising of your children is a paramount priority.  If you will do this and if you are one with your spouse in all things you will find that the flame will remain and will even strengthen with time.

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    Tirzah Laughsposted 7 years ago

    I'm not a guy but you know what works?   

    Date night.  Even though you have a kid together, plan some non-kid time together each month.

    People have a tendency to treat each other as babysitter/bottlewasher instead of a husband or a spouse after kids.

    And when on date night, no talking about the kids, the house, the laundry that needs to done.   

    And it doesn't have to be expensive.

    As for your daughter, as she grows up she'll spend less time with you and more with her friends.

    Enjoy her now.   People often don't take advantage of the time they do have.  Turn off the TV.  Play with her before you go to work in the morning, kids are the most awake then.   She may be asleep when you come home from work or getting a bath and ready for bed.

    Give her a bath once or twice a week on your own.  Give the mommy a break and you get daughter time.

    And once she's in bed by 7:30 or 8pm you can have an hour or two alone with her mom.

    It's not easy but it does get easier if you work at it.

    Good luck.  You sound like a nice dad.