Things to Remember

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    egmoore99posted 8 years ago

    It is certain that aging plays tricks on one's memory. A senior will forget where he or she put his or her keys; leave the cell phone at home; or forget to turn off the stove. These are just a few of the inadequacies as aging take place. One of the most difficult and embarrassing fautls is remembering names. I have found that playing the alphabet game helps a great deal. When you want to remember a name, just start witn the letter "A" and keep going till the name pops into your mind. Usually, your gut insticts will tell you when you have reached the right beginning alphabet but you might need to call several names before the right one comes out. It is very important to make daily "to do" lists and check them off as you go. To remember to take your phone witn you, you will need to become a creature of habit. As soon as you wake up (if charging your phone overnight) place it in your purse. For those fashionable seniors who like to change purses. you are going to have place everything from the previous purse into the new purse or else you are bound to leave sometning. About your car keys; always put them in tne same place each day. Never haphazardly drop them on tne sofa or tne table when you get home. Take them and strategically place them somewhere you are sure to find them. A wall key rack is a good idea for this. However, it is best to place the rack on a wall in your bedroom, or you can always put them back in your purse after you unlock tne door.

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    mega1posted 8 years ago

    Yes, but what was the question?  and did I forget it?