How to get my family to MOVE!

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    EnoughEricaposted 6 years ago

    How to get my family to MOVE!

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    EnoughEricaposted 6 years ago

    Sorry shoulda read how do I get my family to move. I guess while I'm here I'll how you some back story.. Hold on tight here goes!

    Ok may of last year we moved into our new house but not before my parents beat us too it.. You heard me right. My father built our home and as a contractor work was slow and profit was minimal. We asked them to stay with us till things started to look up. It's now been a year. We (me and my husband) have been married 4 almost 5 years and just had our first child (she's 7 months) obviously we need/want our own time as a family and with our child. That's not possible when you constantly have someone taking her away, waking her up and even asking you to bring home takeout from your date night out. Sure we've mentioned it.. Ohh about 5 times now. I just dont feel like I'm being taken seriously but more so being taken advantage of. My mother has taken over our home. No joke a big majority of my stuff remains packed. They haven't paid us a dime since moving in a year ago. There's 3 of them. Mom, dad and little sister(15). At one point we actually also housed my two brother as well (25 and 21) oh yea and can't forget the good ol cousin that was invited into our home and never left. I think that should be enough to give you a taste of my HELL. Please! I beg, help!

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    Lynn Ellaposted 6 years ago

    this is a drastic suggestion - but it sounds like a drastic situation.

    Give them a thirty day notice.  If they aren't out, begin eviction proceedings and take yourself, spouse, and baby to an extended stay hotel room for a month to two weeks.  Empty the referigerator.  Turn off the power, telephone, cable and water. 

    Best of luck.