Do you like the name your parents gave you?

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  1. Seeker7 profile image92
    Seeker7posted 8 years ago

    Do you like the name your parents gave you?

    I some people don't feel that their first name really suits them and would have preferred another - do any hubbers feel this way about their first name?

  2. lburmaster profile image81
    lburmasterposted 8 years ago

    I love my first name. Unique, beautiful, and to the point. L-E-A-H
    Loving. Enjoyable. Active. Homely.

  3. rachelsholiday profile image60
    rachelsholidayposted 8 years ago

    I love my first name, Rachel.  I've had it for 23 years and even if there have been times I'm not crazy about it my name has defined me and I like who I am.

  4. Jonesy0311 profile image60
    Jonesy0311posted 8 years ago

    I have always felt that Joshua is more of a kid's name than a grown man's. However, I ended up marrying a Rachel, which has obvious Biblical meaning...but then I became an athiest. Sorry, mom and dad.

  5. CyclingFitness profile image94
    CyclingFitnessposted 8 years ago

    I think my name fits who I am as it was relatively unusual at the time- Liam and it fits with my families Irish roots

    At the time only really Liam Neesen was well known

    Now lots of kids are called Liam and it's rising in prominence.

  6. Rosie2010 profile image70
    Rosie2010posted 8 years ago

    My parents gave me the name "Antonina" (my grandmother's name) so Antonina is the name on my birth certificate.  But my father's sister said Antonina was an old woman's name, so I was christened with a different name which is the one I've been using.  The first time I applied for a passport, I had to produce my birth certificate, which has my name as Antonina.  So my passport has an alias. How cool is that?  lol   I love both my names.  But a guy told me once upon a time, I didn't look like my name.  I asked him what name I looked like.  He said "Nicole" ... in my next life, I wanna be Nicole then.

  7. rob_allen profile image76
    rob_allenposted 8 years ago

    I dont like my name, my whole name is Robert Allan, i dont like the Allan though. If i can i would like to change it something else smile

  8. profile image0
    myster!ousposted 8 years ago

    I don't really like my name. It is a combination of my dad's and mom's. I want to change it but i am thinking it's just a waste of money. So i'll stick to it! LOL

  9. Pam Pounds profile image70
    Pam Poundsposted 8 years ago

    I am who I belabor and criticize my parents' choices would be unproductive.  Am I a "Debbie" or "Kathy" or "Suzie"??  No.  I am Pamela.  I never liked it until my mother told me it was a "derivative" of her birth name, Helen.  So be it.

  10. onegoodwoman profile image72
    onegoodwomanposted 8 years ago

    Today, I truly appreciate my unique name, and its spelling.  I was unable to do this as a young child and teen.

    For years, I resented my name, and my folks for giving it to me.  Today, it has proven to be one of my greatest and most intimate gifts..............though, I still question their reasoning!

  11. jacqui2011 profile image83
    jacqui2011posted 8 years ago

    I like my name, as a teenager I shortened it from Jacqueline to Jacqui which I have used ever since. I was named after my Dad who is Jack. I will cherish it always because of what it means.

  12. padmendra profile image45
    padmendraposted 8 years ago

    I personally feel good for the name my parents gave to me.  Some parents always want to name their children after things that have a meaning to it. Some names for their religion or some names that isn't really known or popular.  But there are some parents who don't put enough thought into naming their kids.


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