Which diaper type is better - cloth or disposable?

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  1. gamergirl profile image59
    gamergirlposted 8 years ago

    Which diaper type is better - cloth or disposable?

  2. Ivel01 profile image59
    Ivel01posted 8 years ago

    With my first pregnancy (about 3 years ago), I was mega-enthousiastic about cloth diapers .... 

    At the hospital we HAD to use disposable diapers ... I was thinking that it was a waste, because there wasn't that much'stuff" in the diapers afterall ...  When I got home I decided to use the cloth ones ...

    After a few days I could not stop feeling guilty, since not with every change the whole diaper is changed, just the inserts and to me, (perhaps we are overly clean), well I could not imagine myself putting on the same "knickers" again either ...

    Anyways, I continued ...  I am a work at home mother, so I can put the dirty diapers immediately in a tub of water (which is absolutely necessary) - but still, all the washing and drying takes upto half an hour to three quarters of an hour a day - and that is a lot of time to loose if you already guggling in between sticking to your schedule, nursing a baby, keeping a garden with fresh bio vegetables to feed your family the whole year round, cooking fresh healthy meals and doing some sports ...

    Then ... yes, then you have the moments that they go and stay half a day with the grand parents, or that you go on a trip or visit some friends.  First of all, grand parents (or nannies for the matter), are  usually not into the cloth diaper stuff .., then practically, if you are on the road, or at the restaurant, etc ... where to put all the dirty diapers (let aside the fact that they are infecting with all sorts of bacteria, brrr) - so you start taking disposable diapers for 'special occasions', which - AGAIN - introduces you to the fact that it is soo much easier and faster ... and ... you end up just using those ones ....

    Add to this, that once they start getting over the age of 10-13 months, the diapers get rather (filled-up), I can tell you that it just isn't that romantic or easily manegeable anymore ....

    OK, I am perhaps not motivated enough, but that's honestly how it went ... I am not saying you cannot manage - but it is more constraining then you might think at first instance and I admire those who stick to it ...

    Then now with my 2nd child being 1 year old and the first 28 months (and being potty trained), I took out the cloth diapers again, but just for my 28 month old, in case of "a little accident" or when she is napping ...  so now I am pregnant with my third one and think I will keep the cloth ones only for the potty training ... so I did not waste the money in the end ...

  3. renegadetory profile image95
    renegadetoryposted 8 years ago

    Ive101 has a great answer and I too used both for both of my daughters.  What I discovered was there are pros and cons to both, as Ive points out. 

    For me, I found that the cloth diapers were kinder to my babies bum-less diaper rashes.  They were more work since not only did I have to rinse them in cold water (via washing machine) then run them through a regular cycle and dry them (I live in an apartment so I couldn't dry them outside) and then fold them before putting them away.  Lot's of work. With our hydro rates now varying with time of day use, I also had to co-ordinate to wash them in the evening or else our hydro bill would go through the roof.

    I thought cloth diapers would be cheaper.  That's what everyone told me, but the reality is after factoring in our hydro, it's not all that much cheaper and not nearly as convenient. We too took disposables when we went on trips, or went to the store.

    Once my second daughter got a bit bigger (13 months or so) we just gave up on the cloth and switched to disposable.  We are contemplating if we will use cloth for our son who will be born in November.  I know that I prefer the disposable newborn diapers just because of the tar poo, but where we are moving the hydro should be a little less, so we shall see.

  4. cobrien profile image77
    cobrienposted 8 years ago

    Disposable. I tried cloth diapers. They are expensive, both to purchase and launder. They need to be changed more often and can irritate sensitive skin.Don't forget the extra powder and diaper rash cream. The experience was time consuming. But, then again, I had twins.


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