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What is the Middle Child Syndrome?

  1. Shil1978 profile image93
    Shil1978posted 6 years ago

    What is the Middle Child Syndrome?

  2. lucky_9in profile image54
    lucky_9inposted 6 years ago

    heres an e.g

    Mother has a child buys her everything.. she is her first baby and will always be special

    Mother has another child a few years later she buys him evryhing but stil favours her first child

    Mother has another son and gives him the world as he is the youngest

    Q; what does middle child recieve

  3. smzclark profile image60
    smzclarkposted 6 years ago

    The oldest gets the priveledges and the freedom, the new clothes, the new toys, always gets to sit in the front while in the car etc etc.

    The youngest gets the attention. The youngest is usually spoiled for being the cutest and looked after the best because they're the most fragile.

    The middle child will often get lost in the crowd, left behind, forgotten about. Gets no freedom or attention, has 'hand-me-down' clothes and toys from the oldest, is never heard, has to follow the rules of the youngest and gets the same punishments as the oldest.

    The oldest and the youngest both have roles', one being the leader and one being the baby. Middle child syndrome is where the child lacks self esteem and a feeling of purpose...

    I've had the pleasure of playing every role; being the oldest is by far the best!

  4. gmwilliams profile image86
    gmwilliamsposted 5 years ago

    The life of a middle child is NOT easy. He/she is often ignored and overlooked. He/she is subjected to negative categorization & stereotypes. Middle children are often OUTSIDERS in their own families. read more

  5. gmwilliams profile image86
    gmwilliamsposted 5 weeks ago

    It is also known as the Jan Brady Syndrome.....it's always Marcia, Marcia, Marcia................

    I know, I know, must be terrible to be the middle child.
    Middle child.....lost
    Middle child.....no one really knows who I am
    Middle child.....always someone's older or younger sibling
    Middle child.....who?
    Middle child......oops...oops...what did you say........
    Middle child.......oh I forgot
    Middle child....woe, woe, is ME.........

    Middle child, the FORGOTTEN birth order..........