Do you use the same parenting techniques your parents used on you?

  1. susahnagrande profile image62
    susahnagrandeposted 6 years ago

    Do you use the same parenting techniques your parents used on you?

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    saigitaposted 6 years ago

    Well my opinion for this question is OLD IS GOLD. My parents taught me values of life. From the very beginning of my childhood they gave me knowledge of truth. They used to tell me CUT YOUR COAT ACCORDING YOUR CLOTH. The inner meaning of this sentence is not very easy to practice in our daily life. when I was a child I might be very angry when I had to pay for this above mention sentence. Our parents didn't know pretending, lying. They used to hate lies.

    Now a days parents are living in a nuclear family. Mom and Dad both are same busy, no grandpa, no grandma. Child is alone with his or her nanny. In home no one tell them Fairy tales story. None have a time when they will go for sleep listening them the tune of sleeping song........May be the monetary state of to days
    parents more better than our parents, but where are the time ? New parents love
    their kids very much, They want to show their love with lot of toys, with lot of comphorts. This may cause of a big problem for their children.Now a days most of the children have an addiction of video game, luxury and so ..........on.

    Today's parents provides every comfort and luxury for them, along with best education, but what about educare?  No one can buy morality from shopping mall. Without morality, without educare how can we expect a good person?

    To me, money is necessary  If you have some money to maintain your family is enough.
    Please don't run for extra earning, give this time to your kids, tell them a story of
    moral values, give them a space of their liking with lot of love. If you show a proper way to your kid he or she will give you proper love and respect which you
    deserve. Otherwise opposite way on behalf of our beloved kid once you will get
    many,many selfish giant.

  3. freemarketingnow profile image57
    freemarketingnowposted 6 years ago

    No, they used a very cookie cutter approach. If we did something wrong, we had to kneel in the garage or we got spanked. I don't think this was the best for us. I think consequences should be immediate and they should be logical. For example, if I damaged someone's property, I should be forced to work to pay them back. If I disrespected them by talking back, they should have a conversation with me about how that will affect my relationships in the future. All that to say, I think great consequences involve more than just punishment. I think they take a lot of thought and conversation if we want to really change long term behavior and not just modify behavior in the short term. I'm trying to do that with my children.