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How do you keep your kids happy and production during the summer months?

  1. Kenna McHugh profile image88
    Kenna McHughposted 5 years ago

    How do you keep your kids happy and production during the summer months?

  2. LouTucci profile image78
    LouTucciposted 5 years ago

    KEEP THEM BUSY! My mom was one of 15 children that grew up on a farm. She told me that her dad used to tell the kids to pick the rocks out of the garden. Obviously, once again, it was a way to keep them busy. You can do this, depending upon their age, give them projects to do. Give them reading assignments as well and make sure you review all with them. Don't let them just destroy brain cells by watching tv and video games all summer...

  3. mommahottness profile image59
    mommahottnessposted 5 years ago

    We Live in a neighborhood where the kids are all pretty much out of school and parents really are not investing in day camps for these school aged kids. We organized a sort of CoOp where 5 moms or dads each take a day of the week and kids "Hang Out" by them. On your day you provide Activity’s, Snacks and Crafts or projects. It is just like having your kids all the time but alot more fun for the kids and parents get a break as well.
    We have a Pool in our condo and some days kids swim. Other days a Walk Down to the park. We all have our cell phones on and will TXT check in on them from time to time.
    I am a Mom of 4 and my baby never participates when it is not my day. My Daughter only sometimes participates but for my boys ages 12 and 8 it is a wonderful deal!!!

  4. TripleAMom profile image86
    TripleAMomposted 5 years ago

    We have a lot of things going on this summer.  My kids are doing summer reading through the library, a couple of days a week I am finding activities we can do like local parks or other things in the area.  Beach days.  But, I want them to be able to find things to do as well at home.  I can't always entertain them.  I have craft supplies for them, I let my 12 year old have a part of the yard to make a garden, etc.  My 15 year old has some things he can do at the school they go to as well (Basketball camp and work out days).  I wrote a hub not long ago about free activities that kids can do in the summer, and one about helping kids keep up with their academics over the summer.

  5. Sparkle Chi profile image76
    Sparkle Chiposted 5 years ago

    The same way as I do during the spring, fall, and winter.

    During the summer, our trampoline gets utilized quite a bit, as well as the bikes, and scooters. The hot afternoons are filled with Lego creations, iPad apps, and good old fashioned books. When it isn't so hot, hiking fills up a couple of hours of afternoon time with nature, rock climbing, and imaginary forest adventures.

    Beyond that, every day household chores help them develop a work ethic, and learn responsibility.

  6. sassydee profile image75
    sassydeeposted 5 years ago

    have them sign up to be a volunteer at a local senior citizen home or for the city (community).