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What can we do as parents to help our youth overcome bullying?

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    Krista Marie Gposted 15 months ago

    What can we do as parents to help our youth overcome bullying?

    Bullying can lead to depression and anxiety, I know this first hand as I have a child that has been dealing with these struggles for quite a few years. Kids need to know it's ok to talk about their problems and feelings, fortunately my child and I have always had good communication and she was open about her depression and anxiety. We were able to work with the school and got her involved with talk therapy and treatment. Just living through her struggles and being witness to her journey I want to help and get the word out to help others help their children.

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    krillcoposted 15 months ago

    https://owlcation.com/academia/Relation … noculation
    I teach this, and unfortunately, in my area, I cannot get ANY interest in the program from parents or schools. sad

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      threekeysposted 15 months agoin reply to this

      I cannot help wonder that the bullying must be systemic and/or there must be a lot of adults who believe/use  bullying tactics. It has gotten  them what they want. How do you then get someone to hear your "No" when authourities dont back you?

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      krillcoposted 15 months agoin reply to this

      Many schools (and society in general) just pay lip service to anti-bullying; the best option is not to look fora rescue, but to learn skills of self protection.

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    Cissy1946posted 15 months ago

    I don't have children but I'm very familiar with bullies. My personal opinion is that they should be dealt with severely and swiftly by the educational system and their permanent records should reflect the fact that they are a menace to other children. They should be removed from the classrooms and not be allowed to return until they have attended counseling WITH THEIR PARENTS. I understand that bullying may only be a one time event for a number of children as they test their boundaries but too many children are allowed to terrorize classmates with excuses like "They don't mean any harm". They do mean harm and the more they're allowed to get away with bullying, the more harm they will do because there will always be another victim. Bullies have always existed and they always will but because people have become so obsessed with protecting the rights of the wrongdoer, whatever the age, their inappropriate behavior has been allowed to blossom.There should be no tolerance for bullies anywhere, especially in the schools.
    Tell your daughter there is a light at the end of the tunnel and to keep talking about the things that have happened and the things she's afraid could happen. Maybe you could get her to write some of what she's feeling down. Not in a list or anything but to make up a story about a little girl who doesn't have anyone to talk to and needs a friend. She could be her character's friend and give her advice. If she can't write yet then let her tell stories on a recorder. Most computers have a way to record these days. Talking to you or a counselor is good but talking to another child who has a shared experience (her character) will be a huge help. Good luck.