What do I think? I think that most people don’t really care about what’s new in

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    Toussiposted 15 months ago

    What do I think? I think that most people don’t really care about what’s new in your world


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    Luke Holmposted 15 months ago

    Be careful what you wish for.  The moment someone takes interest is the moment you'll wish they were just another casual quick conversation :p

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    east-west proposted 15 months ago


    Everyone has their own world so that they don't think about other's world!.When someone, rarely, think about other's world too then that person is a matured person. Objectivity helps to understand others better and live in peace!

    Each one expect others world to be the same like theirs!. This,I think, is the cause of all problems whether it is individual,filial or social.

    Its a puzzle that even though we live in the same world, we are unable to think about this world as one,order that is nature or Iswara!

    When a person understands that he or she is a part of this great order then that person happily finds the order pervading,
    Being of everyone irrespective of race, religion and language.

    Higher the understanding of this order i.e, Iswara as Vedanta of Hinduism calls it, more is the freedom, and once this total surrender is done with the 3 above mentioned beings then the total or Iswara and the human being are identical. This is freedom. You are Iswara!.