What is insecurity?

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    Micah Jonesposted 10 months ago

    What is insecurity?

    Looking deeper and deeper into insecurity in teens.


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    threekeysposted 10 months ago

    Micah some people have people around them to grow their confidence and there are some people who have around them, to keep them doubting or eroding the confidence within themselves.I don"t know you but to me since you were born? You are complete and whole with specific talents and lovable skills.
    Inner security grows with doing little day to day tasks/projects where you can experience a sense of signifigence/success/certainty. Don't worry. Just treat life as a big experiment and you are a Scientist testing out yourown unique hypothesis. Tackle life as a person who wants to learn. Mistakes will happen. To turn those experiences into personal gold, just make sure you learn from your mistake/s and keep moving foward. You will experience greater inner security.