How do you overcome self-consciousness and insecurity?

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  1. TheBlondie profile image61
    TheBlondieposted 11 years ago

    How do you overcome self-consciousness and insecurity?

  2. hubberonetwothree profile image61
    hubberonetwothreeposted 11 years ago

    Carry yourself in a way that suggests self-confidence and security, and the mental part will follow.

  3. profile image52
    ahmad555posted 11 years ago

    The only way you can overcome these problems is to have confidence on yourself.That "I can do" or "i am the best".And should not think much about yourself.

  4. Seakay profile image60
    Seakayposted 11 years ago

    Oh, I don't know if you can actually overcome it.  I know I get embarrassed very easily and feel self conscious around some people.  I just try to be inconspicuous.  Of course, if it's one on one, that could be difficult!

  5. ashley86va profile image60
    ashley86vaposted 11 years ago

    This is a good question because I think ever woman wonders this some point of their life. Try writing down a list of all the wonderful things about yourself.. for example: I have pretty eyes, I have a great smile, I have beautiful hair... etc focus of the wonderful things. Hang it in your car, mirror.. somewhere you can read it everyday. I'm not sure what you are feeling insecure about but for me I know it was weight and always wanting to look thin like others I saw BUT then I saw women like me and saw how beautiful they were BECAUSE of there confidence. If you have confidence then you will be beautiful to others. It is mostly mental.. I know you can't just say.."have confidence" and that work but do things that make you feel "sexy" or confidence. wear a pair of heels on day, change up your hair or makeup, or even buy that sexy dress that flatters you. remember NOBODY is perfect and has things that don't like about themselves but believe it or not.. you are the only one that notices. Hopes that helps some. :-) Just remember you are beautiful! ALL WOMAN ARE

  6. darrylcrawford profile image70
    darrylcrawfordposted 11 years ago

    By saying affirmations in the mirror can help. Say these with assurance, that you mean what you are saying. Act like you are a teacher and not the student, even though you are in training.

    Say things Like " God loves me, Jesus loves me, I know who I am and I am one of God's best creations, I am uniquely made, I am wonderfully made, I'm sure that God loves me, I am exactly the way I am suppose to be, I was made in the image of God, I am a creator too, I have full assurance in my life".

    "God has my back, Anything I need to know God will give me the answer". "I am confident,  I am sure of myself, I am blessed to be a blessing, I make good things happen, I make a difference, I am making a difference today, I am blessed by the best, God is love and God loves me, I am not subject to fear in Jesus name, I am subject to be blessed and to be a blessing, etc.

    Keep up your appearance, make sure you look your best, shine your shoes, speak with authority but be respectful and friendly. Let your actions say you know what you are doing. Give someone a smile once and a while, be a blessing and help someone else who needs a hand.

    For a relationship say " I am sexy, I am fine, I am not egotistical but I am not lame either. I know I can do anything I set my mind to".

    Keep active in telling yourself in the mirror or record yourself on a MP3 player by affirming positive quotes. Listen to them in your head phones for at least 30 minutes a day everyday. And when you say it you have to sound as sure as possible when you say it or record it. Otherwise it will not work. Be yourself but just be all you can be this time. Believe in yourself and speak yourself into a new you. Hang around confident people. Watch and learn from them. How they are cool, in control and relaxed. Begin to tell yourself after some time "this is easy, I can't lose, I got this".

    Please read my other hubs on Relationships, etc.
    Hope this helps smile

  7. edhan profile image37
    edhanposted 11 years ago

    Build up your confidence by picking yourself up. It is just a lesson that we had learnt when we were a child. Like when a child started to learn how to walk, they will fall but still they will stand up and walk again.

    So, this is an important lesson where we can learn to overcome our self-consciousness and insecurity. Tell yourself that nothing is impossible to overcome.

  8. nightwork4 profile image60
    nightwork4posted 11 years ago

    i face it and let my strengths overcome it. what i mean is though i'm kind of ugly, i am confident so i don't let my looks decide who is right for me. i'm strong mentally and it has got me through a rough life. faith in yourself is all you need. you will still have insecurities but you will not let them hold you back.

  9. sharing the sky profile image72
    sharing the skyposted 11 years ago

    Focus on your strengths; start first by taking time to write down or reflect on what those things are (everyone has strengths and weaknesses).

    Focus on what you like and/or appreciate about yourself; give yourself permission to see the good in yourself while suspending judgment or criticism.

    Focus on making small goals and accomplishing them; we build our confidence by seeing that we are, in fact, capable, whether we achieve something big or small.

  10. alderinos profile image61
    alderinosposted 11 years ago

    Check out The 7-Day Mental Diet from The Mind Institute. A quite unique approach to self-confidence.

  11. Ann810 profile image77
    Ann810posted 11 years ago

    To overcome it we have to maintain self confidence, and self love.


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