How does the personality of a parent effect on a kid's personality?

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    KaterinaPapposted 7 months ago

    How does the personality of a parent effect on a kid's personality?

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    nochanceposted 7 months ago

    A parent is a child's first teacher and for the first few years parents are really the only human contact that a child has.

    My mother overcame several fears in order to teach my sister and I not to be afraid of things. She would pick up frogs and snakes even though she hated it, but she didn't want us to be scared because they aren't actually scary.

    Kids hear a lot more than adults realize. I remember reading an article years ago about watching children make believe play about grocery shopping. The children would repeat word for word how their parents asked for cigarettes from behind the counter.

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    lsmith131posted 7 months ago

    I have two children who copy everything I do. My 3 year old will watch me from start to finish everyday getting ready for work.

    Before I knew it, she was trying to comb her own her and put on her own clothes just as I was, without any help.

    My 8 year old has come to visit me at work and now likes to pretend he is a book expert.

    Not only do they copy my actions, I have heard them say the exact same things I have said before. Your children are what you display when you are in their presence.

    From my experience, children love to observe and copy all aspects of your demeanor. This is only natural since they are still learning and developing mentally.  So I have learned that it is wise to show them and teach them positive personality traits for a more success life.