Are we pressuring our kids way too much?

  1. mwales28 profile image61
    mwales28posted 5 years ago

    I am a young single parent but I have a lot of values and beliefs that I try to instill in my son.  For example, I make sure he says yes ma'am, no ma'am, yes sir, and no sir, please and thank-you.  I want my kid to be a kid and not grow up too fast but it seems like my generation of parents, they push their kids to grow up so fast but are the first to say "girl, he think he grown" and "she is too grown for her own good".  One thing that leaves be mind boggled is when I hear parents tell their kids, "you gonna be a professional football player (or basketball player) and take care of me".  My question is, isn't that too much pressure to put on our kids?  My son wants to be a Paleontologist (today, that is) and I want him to be one too because I know he can do whatever he puts his mind to.  I don't want him to be some rich scientist so that he can take care of me, that's my job.  I am the parent!  Am I the only person bothered by this "role reversal" in today's society?  Is it right to ask our kids to do our job?

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    rebekahELLEposted 5 years ago

    I wish there were more young parents like you. Keep doing what you're doing.
    Not only do parents pressure their children too much, they also fail to teach them morals, basic self-help responsibilities, manners and place blame on society rather than themselves.
    To instill in a child that he will grow up to be 'a certain professional' to take care of them is ridiculous. That's not our role as parents. If we do our job right, they may become who they are rather than what we think they should be or 'want' them to be.

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      mwales28posted 5 years agoin reply to this

      Thanks and I totally agree!  I don't push my views on peoples because "parenting" is a sensitive subject to most people which I get but it drives me crazy to hear and be witness to the ignorance.