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Different Types of Wholesale Bakery Cake Boxes

Updated on March 31, 2010

Wedding cake boxes are needed when the bride and groom plan to share some of their wedding cake with guests. The tradition of sending each guest home with a slice of wedding cake is one that some people associate with good luck in the marriage. The tradition is accompanied by a story or myth which says that if a single man or women tucks that one slice of wedding cake under their pillow on that night, it will bring him or her wonderful dreams of their future spouse. Regardless if this is true, a piece of wedding cake that would otherwise go to waste is not a bad idea to pass on to your friends and family. Who needs all that cake anyway, especially if you are about to embark on your honeymoon.

Wholesale wedding cake boxes can be purchased fairly inexpensively depending on where you look. Online distributors sell cake boxes in bulk with increments starting at a few hundred and all the way up to thousands. Some bakeries include the boxes with your wedding cake purchase but that could substantially increase the price of your wedding cake. If you are on a strict wedding budget it may be wise to shop around for a good price and you can be sure that the prices will vary greatly depending on how fancy you want your boxes. Keep in mind that the boxes end up in the trash eventually so they don’t have to be too fancy.

Cupcake or Mini Cake Boxes

Cupcake and mini cake boxes are mostly purchased by bakers and bakeries for the purpose of storing baked goods after they are purchased. Standard cupcake boxes usually fit 6 large cupcakes or 12 mini cupcakes. Mini cake boxes are designed to fit cakes that are 3 to 4 inches in size. Cake boxes usually come in round or square shapes to accommodate the two most popular cake styles. Wholesale distributors sell boxes by the hundreds and thousands. The more boxes you purchase the greater the discount you will be.

Most boxes are made of cardboard and can be found in many different colors. Pink cake boxes are the most popular color because pink works for birthdays, weddings, bridal, and baby showers. White boxes are probably the best choice because colored ribbons can be used to match the special event or occasion. When shopping online look for customer reviews regarding the quality of the cardboard boxes. It is worth paying a little extra to get sturdier boxes for your customers.

cardboard cake boxes - photo by glazedmud @
cardboard cake boxes - photo by glazedmud @

Cardboard Cake Boxes

Cardboard cake boxes can be purchased to match any size cake or occasion. The price of the boxes will highly depend on the quality of the cardboard and whether or not the boxes are colored. Fancier gift boxes are also available but only if your budget allows it. The most important thing to remember when it comes to the type of cake boxes you should purchase for your business, it that although the boxes are the first thing people see, what is inside is more important. The quality of your cakes is going to speak volumes, not the type of box it comes in.

Cardboard cake boxes are usually sold in increments of 100 or more. Shop wisely and search for a good quality product that fits within your budget. There are many different sizes, types, styles, and colors to choose from. White is a standard color for most bakeries because they use colored ribbon to depict the occasion. Ribbon can also be purchased in bulk and wholesale prices should you decide to go the same route.

Plastic Cake Boxes

Plastic cake boxes are commonly used by grocery store bakeries because they are sturdier than cardboard boxes.  The only problem with plastic boxes is that many people still don’t recycle their plastic waste.  Even though the plastic boxes are recyclable that doesn’t necessarily mean your customers are going to actually do what is right.  Cardboard boxes are less harmful to the environment if they end up in a landfill.  Cake boxes made out of sturdy plastic are definitely a good choice if your cakes are going to have to travel a long distance.

Some plastic cake boxes can be reused over and over again by your customers so when you look at it that way, the plastic boxes are somewhat being recycled in that manner.  Wholesale distributors sell plastic boxes in many different sizes, shapes, and amounts.  Bulk prices are much cheaper when purchased in larger amounts.  Keep in mind that some companies sell the bases and tops separately so make your purchases carefully.


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