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Custom and Decorative Wooden Boxes Make Great Gift Ideas

Updated on June 21, 2009

Small wooden boxes have been used by many generations as a place to store small items like jewelry, money, and keepsakes. Men usually keep a wooden box on top of a dresser or table where they store small items including a wallet, pocket knife, nail clipper, or jewelry. Women usually keep their wooden box in a dresser drawer where they store jewelry, photos, or letters that remind them of a special place or time in their lives. A small wooden box can come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and finishes. Custom boxes are popular gift ideas because they can include a personal message or design for the recipient. Wooden boxes can be used as gifts alone or accompanied by something special inside.

When using small wooden boxes as gift holders, try to decorate it or customize it somewhat so the box can be saved and used by the recipient. A plain wooden box may not seem worth keeping but one that has been thoughtfully decorated may serve another purpose for the recipient. Start with an unfinished wooden box and add your own personal message or design before placing the gift inside. Both the gift inside and the box will be memorable to the person that receives it.

Unfinished wooden box. Photo by Canaltowntraveler @
Unfinished wooden box. Photo by Canaltowntraveler @

Create Custom Gifts with Unfinished Wooden Boxes

Unfinished wooden boxes enable you to use some of your own artistic or decorative abilities to make a gift more memorable and effective. There is nothing like sharing some of your personal talent in a gift giving way. If you are a good painter or carver, then a wooden box is a great way for you to share your unique artistic ability as a gift. Handmade gifts can be made out of necessity because you cannot afford to purchase expensive gifts for others or they can be a way for you to share what makes you happy with the ones you love.

The best thing about purchasing unfinished wooden boxes is that they are fairly inexpensive. When creating wooden box gifts your main expense is going to be supplies like paint, stains, or wood burning materials. Wood burning is more complex and requires some experience with the tools and supplies involved. Painting and staining is fairly self explanatory and most supplies include instructions and application techniques. You can find wooden box decorating and customizing supplies at craft stores or department stores. Wooden boxes make great projects for children but you must be sure to only supply them with child safe supplies and products for the project.

Wooden box - photo by Calloohcallay.
Wooden box - photo by Calloohcallay.

Recreate a Memory with Antique Wooden Boxes

Antique wooden boxes are unique and beautiful in design. Materials used in the making of older boxes are much more durable than the ones used today. You can find antique boxes in many sizes, shapes, and designs. Each box was probably made to have a specific function usually for the storage of jewelry, money, or other small objects. Antique trinket boxes are hard to find especially if you are looking for one in good condition. Most people purchase antique boxes because it either reminds them of a time in the past or because it may be similar they wanted or owned in the past. The key to finding a nice looking antique wooden box is to search a variety of outlets. Check local advertisements and online stores to get a good idea of what types of wooden boxes are currently available for sale.

Some manufacturers produce replicas of old fashioned or antique wooden boxes. The boxes are new in construction but have that old time look and design. Prices for replicas are much less than the real thing but they may lack in material integrity. Antique boxes make great gifts especially for older loved ones. The nostalgic feeling they bring is well worth the price and the time it took you to find it.

Personalize a Gift with Carved and Handmade Wooden Boxes

Carved and handmade wooden boxes make great craft projects for the entire family.  There is nothing more valuable than a gift that is handmade by a loved one.  Children love to make and distribute gifts that they themselves created.  Depending on the project, simple wood glue can be used to assemble the wooden boxes.  Adult supervision is recommended if tools like hammers and knives are required for the project.  Carved boxes take a little more time and expertise.  Special knives or tools are required but the end result is quite beautiful.  You can be sure that a recipient of one of these boxes is definitely going to appreciate the time and artistic ability it took to carve a design on a wooden box.

Handmade wooden boxes can be made from scratch using left over wood from another project or by purchasing a kit at a craft store.  Craft stores carry a wide selection with many sizes, shapes, and styles to choose from.  Wooden boxes can be decorated or finished in many ways including wood burning, carving, staining, painting, or decoupage.  Decoupage is process that uses paper and special glue to create a decorative layer over an object.  Regardless of which finish or decorative style you choose, a handmade gift is personal and memorable.


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