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Different Types of Wholesale Cupcake Boxes

Updated on March 31, 2010

Single or individual cupcake boxes can be purchased in many different designs, colors, and materials. Small boxes are mostly made of cardboard or clear plastic. Cardboard boxes usually have a clear plastic lid or window. Boxes with plastic lids designed for bakeries that want to prepackage cupcakes ahead of time. The windows are a great way for customers to see the contents of the package before purchase. Many bakeries use a variety of cake boxes including larger boxes that hold two or more cupcakes at a time. Most individual boxes also come with a cardboard insert so the cupcakes stay upright and snug in the box.

Wholesale stores sell box sets that contain three or more boxes to anywhere upwards in the hundreds of boxes. This is so customers with larger orders can get an even greater discount when purchases are made in bulk. Many companies sell decorative or colored boxes for every occasion. If you are using cupcake holders for personal use to share your love for baking with others, than you probably won’t need large sums of boxes. Shop around for great deals online or check local craft stores for unique boxes or creative ides on how you can customize standard or plain white boxes yourself.

Photo by pamela.angus @
Photo by pamela.angus @

Large Cupcake Boxes and Inserts

Large cupcake boxesand inserts can also be purchased in bulk or wholesale depending on the amount you need to order. Large boxes with inserts are great because the inserts prevent the cupcakes from tumbling over in the box. If your business distributes or sells cupcakes then it is recommended that you definitely use boxes of all sizes that have inserts which help keep your product looking great even after it is purchased by the consumer. Boxes with inserts are more expensive to purchase but they are well worth the investment if your business sells or distributes beautiful baked goods.

Smaller baking jobs may not require bulk or wholesale ordering depending on how much baking you plan on doing. You can find boxes for smaller jobs at local craft stores or department stores. The boxes usually come individually or in packs of three. Most boxes sold are plain white. You can find decorative or colored boxes online at many different places. Look for legitimate distributors that have a good customer base. The quality of the boxes will of course determine the final price you will pay.

Clear Cupcake Boxes

Clear cupcake boxes are designed for the sole purpose of selling baked goods whether you own a bakery with a store front or if you are baking for a bake sale. Clear boxes are made out of plastic which is way more durable than cardboard. plastic storage boxes are ideal for the transport of baked goods whether by your business or by the customer. If you plan on using the clear plastic boxes for long-distance shipping, keep in mind that the contents will need to be properly refrigerated as well.

Clear boxes are probably not necessary for personal baking uses except if you plan to travel far with your baked goods. You are better off purchasing cheaper cardboard boxes with or without clear plastic lids if the items you bake are just going to someplace nearby. Keep in mind that clear boxes are more expensive but on the other hand, they are also the most durable type of baked goods boxes available.

Wedding Cupcake Boxes

Wedding cupcake boxes are a wise investment if you plan on sharing your cupcake wedding cake with guests. The cup cake boxes come in a wide selection of designs, sizes, colors, and quantities. Many wedding cakes made of cupcakes can only fit a certain amount of cupcakes so depending on the amount of guests you have, it is wise to also have some cupcakes already boxed up for guests that are leaving early or for guests that wish to take one home. Many say that the tradition of sending home guests with a piece of your wedding cake is considered a good luck charm and the right way to begin your married life together.

When purchasing boxes to fit a single cupcake for guests at your wedding you should consider getting basic boxes that are either already decorated with a wedding design or plain white boxes that can be adorned with a beautiful ribbon that either coincides with a wedding or your favorite color. You can find cup cake boxes at craft stores or online. The fancier the box the more you are going to pay so you may want to consider getting plain white boxes but having them decorated with ribbon instead. Wholesale white boxes are actually fairly inexpensive and cupcakes are a steal compared to regular wedding cakes.


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