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Beauty and Elegance of Musical and Jewelry Trinket Boxes

Updated on June 21, 2009

Crystal trinket boxes make great gifts for any occasion including Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, and even Weddings. Crystal boxes come in a variety of sizes, shapes, designs, and prices to choose from. Trinket boxes can also be customized for a specific event. You can pay to have names, photos, and messages engraved in crystal to make the trinket box even more personal and unique. Depending on your budget, finding a beautiful crystal gift can actually be quite simple. Many stores sell crystal items but if you are looking for a specific size or style, your best bet would have to be the internet. An internet search will give you a good idea of what is available and how much you can expect to pay for a crystal trinket box.

When searching for crystal trinket boxes, keep in mind that some may be more expensive because they are also musical. The usual purpose of a trinket box is for the storage of jewelry or small keepsakes. Any size will do for this purpose but size does however also determine the cost of the item. When wrapping your crystal gift, be sure you place plenty of protection around the item. Crystal is a durable type of glass but accidents do happen and depending on how much you invested on the gift, replacing it in time for the occasion may not be possible.

Silver trinket box - photo by Beth.R @
Silver trinket box - photo by Beth.R @

Use Silver Trinket Boxes to Make a Personal Statement

Silver trinket boxes are a unique way to tell or show someone how much they really mean to you. When gifting someone with jewelry or a small memento of some sort, use a silver box just like you would use decorative gift boxes to make the gift even more personal and memorable. Silver boxes can be customized to fit any occasion. Trinket boxes made out of silver are especially popular for wedding and anniversary gifts. Silver boxes can be purchased in various sizes, shapes, styles, and prices. Beware when you are shopping because some shapes are more specific than other. For instance, a heart shaped trinket box is usually associated with love so you definitely don’t want to give it to just anybody.

The most important quality of any silver item is that it is durable and will last a lifetime. Unfortunately, gifts that come in silver trinket boxes don’t always last forever. Regardless of the gift or occasion, the recipient of a silver box will know that you paid special consideration to the size, design, and style of the box. The box alone could say a thousand words even if there is no engraving or personalization. You can find silver items at jewelry stores or online. Check for the authenticity of the silver before you make a purchase. Silver is fairly inexpensive but it can also vary in quality.

Bedazzle Your Loved Ones with Jeweled Trinket Boxes

Jeweled trinket boxes are more than just elegant and beautiful pieces of art.  Depending on the style, size, shape, design, and material you choose, the box in itself is going to make a profound personal and intimate statement.  For instance, if you know someone likes flowers or angels then you can purchase a trinket box that reflects that while also showing them that you have paid attention to their personal preference.  Regardless if the box contains something, the recipient is going to be more enamored by the box and your thoughtfulness. 

Many times we find ourselves having to shop for someone who already has one of everything.  Jeweled trinket boxes are the perfect gift for that type of person.  Trinket boxes are versatile and can be used in many different places and ways.  You can look for unique designs or design one yourself.  Trinket boxes can also be custom ordered if you don’t mind paying extra.  The price of jeweled boxes will vary depending on the type of jewels used.  For instance, inexpensive boxes will be adorned with glass or plastic jewels and the higher the ticket price the more real the jewels are going to be.  You can find trinket boxes at specialty and jewelry stores.  The internet is a great place to look when you are shopping for a specific design.

Stay Within a Budget with Wooden Trinket Boxes

Wooden trinket boxes are simple and inexpensive gifts. You can find wooden boxes in many different sizes, shapes, and styles. Unfinished wooden boxes are a perfect canvas for you to show your artistic and creative abilities. Wooden boxes are a great project for small children to decorate. Use paint or decoupage supplies to decorate boxes with small children. For adults, unfinished boxes can be decorated by wood burning and carving. Both of these processes do involve more skill and knowledge of specialized tools and supplies. Let your imagination take over and create something that will bring a smile to someone else’s face.

Finished wooden trinket boxes can be purchased in many different finishes including a simple stain, carved, burned, and painted. Antique wood boxes are very popular because they are made of durable materials and intricately decorated. You can find finished wooden boxes online or at some specialty stores. Prices will vary depending on the craftsmanship and materials involved in the production of each box.


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    • GmaGoldie profile image

      Kelly Kline Burnett 8 years ago from Madison, Wisconsin

      My most precious gift is a trinket holder from my Mother. Make memories - great gift!