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The Versatility of Rubbermaid Plastic Storage Boxes

Updated on June 21, 2009

There are many different types of large plastic storage boxes to choose from but Rubbermaid is the top brand because their products are made to be sturdy and durable. Regular plastic storage boxes were created to store everyday items like toys, clothing, decorations, and more. Heavy duty or large storage boxes are designed to store and protect fragile or more expensive items. Rubbermaid designs all of their plastic boxes so you can safely and tightly store items under any environment. You can find plastic boxes in many different colors, sizes, and with various types of lids or locking mechanisms.

Heavy duty plastic storage boxes are the largest and toughest Rubbermaid plastic storage boxes on the market today. The sturdy plastic construction is designed to store items of value like tools, sports equipment, files, and more. Palletote storage boxes are stackable bins that are mostly used to stack, store, or transport items. The bottoms and lids are specifically designed to be slip-resistant so they are less likely to tumble over. You can find Rubbermaid storage boxes at most department, hardware, or home improvement stores. Rubbermaid products are also sold online by many different companies.

Small Plastic Storage Boxes

Small plastic storage boxes are usually used to organize items in places like closets, craft areas, offices, and kitchen cupboards.  Rubbermaid small storage boxes can be found in many different sizes, shapes, colors, and with or without lids.  Rubbermaid carries a wide selection of specialty storage boxes designed for specific functions like their popular plastic mini drawer tower boxes which were specifically designed for organizing smaller items like pens, pencils, stamps, and paper in a craft room or for the storage of different types of nail, bolts, and screws in a workbench area.

Small plastic storage boxes have many uses in many different areas.  For example, small storage boxes are great for organizing food in and out of the refrigerator.  Cupboards, countertops, and shelves can all be made more functional with the use of plastic storage bins.  You can put away things that you don’t use all the time and leave out items that need accessed more often.  Small storage boxes can also be used in closets to store smaller items of clothing and toys for children.  Rubbermaid plastic storage boxes can be found in many different stores and online for you convenience.  Some are sold separately while other are sold in sets containing many different sizes and shapes.

Clear Plastic Storage Boxes

Rubbermaid clear plastic storage boxes were specifically designed so the consumer can clearly see the contents of each box without having to first open the lid thus eliminating the need for labels on the sides and tops of each box. Clear boxes can be stacked and organized according to their contents. Clear storage boxes come in a wide array of sizes, shapes, and styles. Some are designed specifically for food storage and transport. Other clear plastic boxes are made for storing items like clothing, toys, tools, and more.

Rubbermaid plastic storage boxes designed for many different uses and functions. Some are specifically designed for food storage and can be found in a wide selection of sizes, types, and locking mechanisms. Sturdier Rubbermaid clear plastic storage boxes are designed for long term use while others are made to be recycled after short-term and safe transport of food items. You can find Rubbermaid clear storage boxes at grocery and department stores. You can also purchase food and other storage boxes online directly from the Rubbermaid website.

Lockable Plastic Storage Boxes with Lids

Lockable plastic storage boxes with lids are important if you plan to store items that are liquid, toxic, and fragile. Lids are also required if you plan to stack numerous bins on top of each other. Rubbermaid plastic storage boxes are specifically designed so they can easily and safely be stacked up when needed. Some plastic boxes have lockable lids so you can be sure the lid is safely on before putting the box away. Rubbermaid plastic boxes with lids can be found in many sizes, shapes, types, and sturdiness level.

Heavy duty storage boxes with lids are important if you plan to store valuables in indoor and outdoor conditions. Sturdier plastic boxes can be purchased in colored or clear. You can find Rubbermaid lockable plastic storage boxes with lids in many different places including department stores, grocery stores, and online. Most stores will have the lids stored separately from bins. Be sure you check which lid best fits the plastic storage boxes you plan to purchase. You and find great deals on Rubbermaid products online either directly through the Rubbermaid website or at other online stores. Most plastic storage bins are very light weight and should not cost very much for shipping.

Photo by Laell @
Photo by Laell @


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    • profile image

      Danilo 3 years ago

      love this! brilliant idea, rlealy! Too bad our second bedroom has been taken over by my crafting stuff or I would so do this! We don't have enough storage room as it is, let alone for food storage and stuff. great idea!

    • profile image

      Bogy 3 years ago

      Oh my... I hated my glucose test the first time auonrd... and then had to do the 3 hour. Now with #2 on the way - sitting in the Dr. office - reclined in the chair with my computer sounds heavenly. Amazing the little thins we grow to appreciate.

    • profile image

      Brunswick Storage 6 years ago

      I much prefer the Rubbermaid Boxes to the Sterlite ones. I have some Rubbermaid boxes that I've moved with three or four times!

    • MikeNV profile image

      MikeNV 8 years ago from Henderson, NV

      You know back around 2001 when I was moving Target had Rubbermaid bins on sale and they were just about as cheap as boxes. So I bought a bunch of them. And they are better quality than the newer ones. The lids fit better and are stronger. I think they made the plastic thinner.