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Facts About Milk :: Milk as Cooking Ingredient

Updated on August 29, 2014

Facts About Milk :: Milk as Cooking Ingredient

Facts About Milk :: Milk as Cooking Ingredient. Milk is a rich source of calcium. It is produced by the glands of mammals, humans included. They are processed in a sense so as to be sold and can be used by households. Raw milk is rich in essential vitamins and minerals. Cows milk is the most widely use milk in the world and it is also used for other dairy products such as cheese, gelatto, ice cream and yogurt. As a food ingredient it is mixed with other menus and plans instead of water to make meals more nutritious and tastier.

Milk can be derived from these animals :

  • cow, buffalo, horse, yak, horse, goat carabao, sheep, donkey camel, and of course milk from humans which are used mainly for breastfeeding

MILK Facts About Milk :: Milk as Cooking Ingredient

Facts About Milk :: Milk as Cooking Ingredient

Milk as cooking ingredient:

  • It can be used as soup instead of water
  • For baking purposes
  • Other milk recipes which used evaporated milk or condensed milk Evaporated milk are also known as dehydrated milk -- where 60 percent of the water in the milk is removed and usually the are canned, whereas the condensed milk is with sugar and it requires less processing since sugar usually inhibits growth of bacteria..
  • Desserts which used condensed milk - with sweeteners

Here in the US there are two types of milk Grade A and Grade B

  • Grade A are usually sold at stores for consumption
  • Grade B are those which are to be used for making cheeses

Milk can be differentiated according to fat contents :

  • Skim milk is also called low fat milk and is differentiated with whole milk which is tastier. It contained low fat and is available in stores.
  • According to Marie Claire a site with established health pages "Fat percentages of milk are based on weight, not calories. Two percent milk has way more than 2 percent of calories from fat - it's more like 35 percent. One percent milk gets about 21 percent of its calories from fat. Skim? Zero calories from fat".
  • Whole milk has a fat content of about 3.5 percent
  • You can also choose between one percent or two percent fat content milk


Less fat is preferred when it comes to milk.

Facts About Milk :: Milk as Cooking Ingredient

Health benefits of Milk :

  • Rich in calcium which is good for your bones and teeth : preventing tooth decay and osteoporosis
  • Rich in protein which is essential to muscles and tissues development
  • Good for your health -- the heart specially the low fat milk
  • Rich in essential Vitamins and Minerals -- Phosphorous, B12, Calcium, Vitamin D and lots of proteins
  • Good for management of your weight, specially skimmed or low fat milk
  • Good for maintaining cholesterol level


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    • samboiam profile image

      samboiam 7 years ago from Texas

      I love milk. especially in pies, cakes and cookies.

    • askjanbrass profile image

      askjanbrass 7 years ago from St. Louis, MO

      This post has some nice information. I'd just like to add, as an opponent of milk, that soy, rice, and almond milk make great substitutes. Great job on the Hub.