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Favorite Grilling Utensils

Updated on March 12, 2011

Are you a fan of outdoor cooking? Whether you live somewhere that's too cold to grill for most of the year or if you're in a warm climate that allows you to enjoy outdoor cooking year round, your outdoor cooking repertoire will be greatly enhanced if you have a complete set of quality grilling utensils.

Outdoor Grilling Tools Compared to Indoor Cooking Utensils

Grilling utensils are not exactly the same as the cooking tools that you use for indoor cooking. While there are many similarities between utensils designed for indoor and outdoor cooking, the handles are very different. Outdoor utensils have long handles designed to help outdoor cooks stay safe while cooking over hot coals or the heat of a gas grill.

Barbecue Grill Utensil Set Options

There are several must-have barbecue tools as well as a number of "nice to have" extras that true gurus of the grill will enjoy and put to good use. Basic grilling utensil sets have at least three long-handled pieces: a spatula, a fork, and a pair of tongs. These are must-have tools for anyone who enjoys cooking on a barbecue grill, but they aren't sufficient to meet the needs of true outdoor cooking aficionados.

Deluxe barbecue grill utensil sets designed for those who truly love outdoor cooking have a number of additional cooking tools, each one with an extra-long handle. Options may include:

  • Marinade and sauce basting brush
  • Grill brush or scraper
  • Meat cutting knife
  • Stirring spoon

Some sets also include outdoor cooking accessories such as corncob holders, shish-k-bob skewers, a marinade injection syringe, grilling mitts, a cook's apron and more.

Some grilling utensil sets have wooden handles, while others are made entirely of metal. You can purchase quality grilling utensils individually or in sets. Some sets include hard or soft carrying cases that can come in very handy, especially if you plan to take your grilling utensil set on camping trips or to picnics. Many pieces have holes in the end so that you can hang them near your grill or in your pantry for easy storage.

Cooking with Your Grilling Utensils

Once you have a set of quality barbecue grilling utensils, you'll be prepared to make all types of terrific main dish and side dish recipes. Consider enhancing your personal cookbook collection with few titles that focus on grilling recipes and techniques such as:

Grilling Utensils Are Great Gift Ideas

Don't forget that grilling utensils make terrific special occasion gifts. Chances are that you aren't the only person in your family or circle of friends that enjoys outdoor cooking. They'll appreciate the gift, and you may also benefit as well. After all, you'll probably receive a few dinner invitations in return from the lucky recipients. It's only polite for them to allow you to see them putting your generous gift to use!


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  • johneee profile image

    johneee 7 years ago from San Jose, CA

    Great hub. Looks like you're an avid griller. I could use some of those utensils!