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Juicy Homemade Burgers

Updated on March 14, 2010
Juicy Juicy
Juicy Juicy
Lightly fry
Lightly fry
Both sides
Both sides

Protein Injection

Yes, It's eating time again, and I have to write this hub quickly, as I make this meal, as I have to go to work. So lets start.

These are my juicy burgers I make, usually when I've had a good hard training session, as I've had today, so a good dose of protein and vegetables is required for a roaring hungry lad. I have prepared the burger mix yesterday, letting all the flavours settle and come together, and hopefully very tasty.

Burger Recipe - Makes 4

- 500g of lean minced ground, chuck or sirloin meat.

- 1 Egg, (to bind) either the white or yolk, I like to use both.

- 2 Tablespoons of tomato ketchup.

- 1 Tablespoon of Worcester sauce.

- 1 Teaspoon of cumin.

- Salt and cracked black pepper. Easy on the salt, unnecessary, time to train your taste buds people.

My veg today

- Broccoli, everyday, I can never get enough. Ton of vitamins and fibre.

- 4 Flat-cap mushrooms, I use these instead of bread buns.

- Sweet-potato and parsnip chunks. Rich in carbohydrates and vitamins.

- Yellow onions, Plenty of vitamins.

Todays veg
Todays veg
Ready to go
Ready to go

Quick Steps

1. Heat oven(180') peel the sweet-potato and parsnips into 1 inch chunks, toss in a little olive oil and cumin, bake in the oven 'till cooked through and a little brown, very tasty. 20minutes.

2. In a bowl, mix all the burger ingredients together, mix should be nice and wet, but the egg will hold it together, making them nice and juicy, no need for breadcrumbs or flour.

3. Split mix in to 4 even meatballs, pat in to burger shape, heat a pan, little olive oil, seal the burgers on both sides, this keeps the juice in, and finish in a heated oven(180') and cook for around 10 Min's, make sure they are cooked through.

4. Peel one whole onion, cut in half and slice, heat a pan, add olive oil, fry the onions for about 2-3 minutes then turn down the heat and cook slowly, the onions will color and become sweet, just add a little salt and pepper.

5. Cut the broccoli in to flowers, and boil or steam. I like to cook my broccoli for 2-3 minutes, no longer, keeping it green and crunchy, saving all the vitamins.

6. Oven bake the Flat cap mushrooms for about 5-6 minutes, place on top of burger as the buns, really great with the burger.

Now put all together, eat and be merry, and hopefully full of energy as I am.


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    • Sherbet Penny profile imageAUTHOR

      Sherbet Penny 

      8 years ago from Galway, Ireland.

      Oh yes Micheal and very easy to do also, I like to keep my cooking at home easy, and the trickery cooking for my job. Thanks for stopping by.

    • Michael Shane profile image

      Michael Shane 

      8 years ago from Gadsden, Alabama

      Sherbert, this looks great!

    • Sherbet Penny profile imageAUTHOR

      Sherbet Penny 

      8 years ago from Galway, Ireland.

      Haha well charanjeet kaur, it still can be a great meal with out the meat. I hardly eat red meat, depends on the training I'm doing that day, but mostly fish and always the same veg that I have here. Thank you for comment.

    • charanjeet kaur profile image

      charanjeet kaur 

      8 years ago from Delhi

      Sherbet, I am a veggie and this dish looks so damn appealing. Love the fresh broccoli and mushrooms, two of my favorite veggies. Liked the final dish and the mix match of colors in the final presentation.

    • Sherbet Penny profile imageAUTHOR

      Sherbet Penny 

      8 years ago from Galway, Ireland.

      Ok blondepoet, now, it's probably going to take you 24hs. so get going, you'll be here by 6pm tomorrow, and I promise to have the dinner, on the table, with some wine, waiting just for you.

    • blondepoet profile image


      8 years ago from australia

      Omg I am drooling I will be over for dinner at 6pm. :)

    • Sherbet Penny profile imageAUTHOR

      Sherbet Penny 

      8 years ago from Galway, Ireland.

      Ahhhhh! Without broccoli, the shame, a thousand broccoli stems turning in there compost heaps.

    • profile image


      8 years ago

      Very healthy way to eat a burger! I love parsnips n sweet potatoes! I may try this (without the broccoli though, urgh)lol. Great hub!

    • Sherbet Penny profile imageAUTHOR

      Sherbet Penny 

      8 years ago from Galway, Ireland.

      Thanks Springboard, yes sweet potatoes and parsnips are so god oven roasted and very good for you, especially when not trying to eat to many potatoes.

    • Springboard profile image


      8 years ago from Wisconsin

      I never thought of making parsnips and potatoes like that, and the hamburgers look great as well. Actually, everything looks great—and being it's getting close to supper time...

    • Sherbet Penny profile imageAUTHOR

      Sherbet Penny 

      8 years ago from Galway, Ireland.

      Thanks again janny, as I always say, keep it simple, I keep the cryptic for the kitchens I work in.

    • JannyC profile image


      8 years ago

      I need to learn how to cook healthy from a poet more often. Awesome reciepe here!


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