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The advantages of steam cooking

Updated on February 17, 2011

If you wonder how to make more healthy meals I have answer for you : start cooking on steam. It is one of less conventional ways of cooking, but it have a lot of benefits, especially for small children. First of all steam cooking make your meals rich in vitamins. The best example are vegetables. If you boil them in water they lost most of vitamins. Hot water “flushes” vitamins and minerals from meals. Meat is also very good example. Whet you fry a piece of chicken it simply “swim” in fat. In steam oven all fat is melting. When you cook on steam you don’t have to use salt or pepper when cooking. You can use them when your meal is on a plate.

How steam cooking works.
How steam cooking works.

So, now we know that steam cooking is more healthy then traditional ways of cooking. But are there any other advantages? Of course. Steam cooking is very good for young, busy people. You just put ingredients (meat, potatoes, rice, vegetables, fish etc) to steam oven, set the timer and you have free time. It is because in steam oven there is no risk of scorch.Here is a movie with steam cooking basics.

Steam cooking basics

Ok, we know that steam cooking is healthier and easier way of cooking. But what about taste.

For me it is perfect. Dishes are not full of water (for example potatoes). Vegetables are crispy and have natural colors. Meat is soft and delicate.

The best way to start steam cooking is to buy professional steam oven. They usually have 3 floor (first for meat, second for potatoes, third for vegetables) and a lot of useful function like keeping meal hot. You just have to put water into it and turn it on. Other way is to use traditional pots and special add-in for steam cooking. It is less comfortable way of steam cooking but it can be good for a start.

You may wonder what kind of dishes you can make in steam oven. My favorites is chicken with potatoes or rice and a lot of vegetables. Fish is also very good. You can find a lot of recipes in the Internet. There is a field for experiments. It is also very good way of cooking for vegetarians.

If you still wonder about steam cooking stop thinking and start to do it. It is really easy and it can make your life more healthy.

Please fill this simply pool to show how many people use steam cooking.

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