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What is wrong with my betta- not eating since I bought t 5 days ago and now it's changing color.

Hello.Just bought a betta fish from a major pet store. it had a small white dot on its belly I bought a 20 gallon and the water has been ready and running for a week before it arrived. I have a nice heater at 80 all the time no filter.The fish did not eat betta food, blood worm, or shrimp that I had from previous fish ( it's been 5 days ) I read that it can take a week before they start eating. Not the fish looks sick and the belly and back is turning white or lighter color. The fish is moving around. Now I moved it to a 1 gallon tank maybe a 20 gallon is too big to be without a filter? Thanks


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Terrie Lynn (Terrielynn1) says

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11 months ago
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