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Buy the Best Electric Wine Opener The Oster Inspire Wine Opener

Updated on June 30, 2011

Electric Wine Opener

The best Electric Wine Openers have two features in common, durability and ease of use.

Besides the utility of easily opening a wine bottle, (or a lot of wine bottles), an electric wine bottle opener is a great gift for that special wine lover you know. (even if it is you)

Two of the most well known names are Oster electric wine opener, and the Metrokane Rabbit wine opener. If you are used to a wine bottle opener like the "Waiter's" corkscrew or a model of lever wine bottle opener, then you are going to love the ease and convenience of an electric wine opener.

Many of the choices below will also include other wine accessories as part of a wine opener set. Like a wine foil cutter or a tabletop base.

ebay and Amazon are the nets' 2 largest online market places, and both have guaranteed Buyer Protection Plans so you can shop with confidence.

If you have done any online shopping you know that you will get better prices on these two than on any other online shop.

So where possible, side-by-side price comparisons are available for each product.

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oster electric wine opener
oster electric wine opener

Oster Electric Wine Openers

Oster makes several models Electric Wine Openers and they are all backed by Oster's reputation for affordable quality.

Sleek styling and quality workmanship make an Oster wine opener a welcome addition to any table or home wine bar.

The Oster 4207 Inspire electric wine opener is a top-of-the-line wine opener that combines one button ease of use, with a soft-grip ergonomic design.

The Inspire will open up to 30 bottles on a single charge, and includes a tabletop rechargeable base.

A wine foil cutter is included with the Inspire. A simple twist around the top and the wine cork is exposed and ready for uncorking.

The Oster 4208 wine opener set also includes a matching brushed-finish wine chiller that is the perfect table-top companion to this Oster wine opener.

psst! remember, ebay is the place for deals, so don't let these get away from you.

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Other Electric Wine Opener Brands



More on Electric Wine Openers

An Electric Wine Opener could be looked at as just the latest wine accessory "gadget", but after you have used one, you will wonder why you waited so long to get one. There areĀ  other electric wine openers that work great, Metrokane Rabbit wine openers is a well recognized name with wine lovers, as is the Rogar wine opener, but when you are looking for a quality dependable gift for wine lovers, The Oster Inspire electric wine opener should be one of the first wine bottle openers you consider.

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